Where's The Exit? • Ep 32 - The App Doctor Ralphia Zuckerberg

• Runtime: 00:32:39 • Download

Jonathan and Marty discuss the long arc of the career of the man, the myth, the legend, the App Doctor. They also play The Fishbowl with your app ideas.

Tags: appdoctorappsfundingVentureCapital

Is It Worth the Hassle? • Ep 91 - Annabellesley Ckenneddie

• Runtime: 00:37:58 • Download

Jonathan and Marty sit down with the author of "Take the Rude out of Crudités" to talk about the pending summer wedding season.

Tags: etiquetteweddingscruditésauthorsnot-a-kennedy

Why So Many Questions? • Ep 64 - The Art of the Interview

• Runtime: 00:25:10 • Download

Jonathan and Marty chat with Kylie about her experiences conducting interviews using those most dreaded of communication tools: questions.

Tags: interviewingtruth-seeking

Where are the Laces? • Ep 51 - Dr. Stacy Townsend

• Runtime: 00:33:15 • Download

In this live show at the Baltimore Podcast Festival, Jonathan and Marty chat with Dr. Stacy Townsend about her efforts to advance shoe education, as well as some foot faves and foot faux pas.

Tags: shoes shoes shoesomgshoes

What Do You Do With Your Hands? • Ep 7 - Youth & the Fidget Spinners

• Runtime: 00:33:15 • Download

Jonathan and Marty get schooled about a new toy that is sweeping the world to occupy your idle hands. Jonathan and Xander square off based on your game suggestions in Rock, Paper, Whaaat?

Tags: fidgetspinnerRPW

Are We Better Together? • Ep 18 - Emerald Grynye

• Runtime: 00:40:25 • Download

Jonathan and Marty get back to basics to learn about team building in the woods with Emerald Grynye.

Tags: campingteam dietsduckteeth

Would You Tap That? • Ep 46 - Clicker Games and Social Media

• Runtime: 00:33:26 • Download

Jonathan and Marty chat about "engagement maximizing" games, as well as a social network that makes Twitter 2010 again.

Tags: gamestime-wastinglife-drainingopen-sourcefederatedtwitter-killer

What's Wrong? • Ep 27 - Dew.S.A. All The Way

• Runtime: 00:23:25 • Download

While keeping their improv troupe from warming up, Jonathan and Marty lament the way sodas and fast food keep finding ways to be more wrong.

Tags: DewSAnowhySorryHostel

What's Good? • Ep 71 - Baltimore Joe

• Runtime: 00:31:40 • Download

Jonathan and Marty meet with Baltimore Joe outside Camden Yards to talk Baltimore history and hidden treasures.

Tags: springOriolesRavensHard Rock Cafe

Where Do You Get That? • Ep 38- Mints w/ Petunia Raingarden

• Runtime: 00:39:42 • Download

Jonathan and Marty follow Petunia Raingarden into an obsession with more than just mints.

Tags: mintshard candiesamazon.com

Why Won't We Sell Out? • Ep 84 - Donors Show

• Runtime: 00:16:46 • Download

Happy April! That means it's time for our donor shout-out show! Jonathan MCs all of our donor's messages while Marty is away fulfilling donor rewards.

Tags: donormessagesnotadvertisingnotsellingout

Why is That the Norm? • Ep 81 - Grilling

• Runtime: 00:43:24 • Download

Jonathan and Marty wrestle with some of the norms around cooking outdoors.

Tags: cookingmeatveggiescompromisefire

Who's Laughing Now? • Ep 33 - The Joke Doctor

• Runtime: 00:30:50 • Download

Jonathan and Marty get some much-needed schooling from the Joke Doctor. Your jokes are put to the test as well!

Tags: humoracademiaresearchcritiquefelonies

Are You All In? • Ep 2 - March Madness

• Runtime: 00:40:56 • Download

Jonathan and Marty's latest sports gamble is to take on March Madness and the art of bracket-making with the help of basketball coach Scottie Birdson.

Tags: basketballmarch madnesssportsbetting

Where Do You Keep Your Treasures? • Ep 56 - Selling our Treasures at the Techno Swap Fest

• Runtime: 00:24:33 • Download

Jonathan and Marty journey to the 7th Annual Techno Swap Fest to clear the decks for a new season of treasure-hunting.

Tags: techswapsalecashing out

Whither the Storm? Ep 20 - Held Up in a Burger Joint

• Runtime: 00:25:18 • Download

Jonathan and Marty find themselves trapped by a rare February winter thunderhail storm. Jonathan plays the Martysplain card.

Tags: burgersbeershailthundersportsball

Who's Shopping Now • Ep 9.99 - Can Curtains Pop Up

• Runtime: 00:36:16 • Download

Jonathan and Marty really hope that you are shopping now. Please buy these products.

Tags: homeshoppingbuy-now

Do You Believe in Love After Life? Ep 67- Reginald Funderson

• Runtime: 00:31:26 • Download

Jonathan and Marty pay a visit to Reginald Funderson, a couples therapist that bridges life and death.

Tags: ghostlovecouplestherapy

Do I Have To Go Outside? • Ep 182 - Sally Jones

• Runtime: 00:29:43 • Download

Jonathan and Marty learn about camping in the Himalayas from their new friend Sally Jones. Jonathan answers your challenges in Rock and a Hard Place.

Tags: extremecampinghimalayaswatersports

Who Get Money? • Ep 39 - Stainless Jeans, Fried Chicken Coating, and Rising Star

• Runtime: 00:27:31 • Download

The Investors surprise Marty and Jonathan with their choices when the Inventors pitch Stainless Jeans, Fried Chicken Coating, and Rising Star.

Tags: jeanscoatingstars

What's A Boy Supposed To Do? • Ep 1995 - Nate Tyson

• Runtime: 00:30:43 • Download

Jonathan and Marty chat with Nate Tyson about the upcoming Logan film, his past with Dilbert, and more. The boys square off in another round of Do You Know Jack?

Tags: x-menlogandilbert1995

How Do They Make That? • Ep 96 - Laughter with Sam Whitfield

• Runtime: 00:32:26 • Download

Jonathan and Marty chat with Sam Whitfield about the sometimes surprising techniques that go into manufacturing the laughter we all take for granted.

Tags: laughtercomedySam WhitfieldBoubon Barrel Improv Companyteaching

What Do You Have To Look Forward To? • Ep 2016 A - Sandra the Executive Producer of 2016

• Runtime: 00:28:35 • Download

[Time Slip Detected] Celebrating the start of 2016, Jonathan and Marty interview Sandra, the executive producer for the year 2016, to see what she has in store.

Tags: 2016new yearexecutive producerproductionSandra

Why Is This Happening To Me? • Ep 49 - Dr. Sheila Taylor

• Runtime: 00:28:31 • Download

In their second attempt at a live show, Jonathan and Marty begin to self-actualize with the help of Dr. Sheila Taylor.

Tags: emotiondreamsbreathinghand-holding

What Jingles Your Bells? • Ep 12 - Santa Pat

• Runtime: 00:27:34 • Download

Jonathan and Marty chat with a very special mall Santa.

Tags: christmassantamall santaparity