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Welcome to the We Have to Ask Podcast.

This website is a digital archive for a podcast hosted by Marty and Jonathan. Seemingly unstuck from reality, everything about the show seems to change from episode to episode.

Thanks to Baltimore rock band Skies in Chaos for the use of our theme song "New Day". Please check out their albums on iTunes.

We hope that you find this collection useful in your studies.

The Archivists

Can We Fix It? • Ep 141- New Relationship/New Household Items

• Runtime: 00:34:52 • Download

Marty and jonathan catch up with some old friends (of Marty's) who have become new acquaintances (of each other) and are fast fixing each others problems.

Tags: DoItWithOthersDoItYourselfThanksgiving

Will You Just Drop It? • Ep 101- Skydiving

• Runtime: 00:29:27 • Download

Marty enjoys talking about things that sometimes scares Jonathan. Jonathan has asked for years for Marty to drop it. This week, Marty has picked it back up and Jonathan is holding onto the ground.

Tags: skydivinganxietybirthday

Where the Heck Have You Been? • Ep 132- Catching Up with Marty and Jonathan

• Runtime: 00:36:20 • Download

It has been a few months since our hosts have settled into an episode. This week, we catch up with Marty and Jonathan.

Tags: Catching upimprovNYActivities

Who Is This For? • Ep 310 - What the Comments Meant

• Runtime: 00:16:23 • Download

Jonathan is out this week so Marty presents a mystery for you. Who well-wishes for whom?

Tags: facebookcommentthreadmystery

Are You Ready to Play? • Ep 173- Taboo Jr

• Runtime: 00:10:55 • Download

Marty and Jonathan are dusting off the kids games this week. They will be playing Taboo jr. Will you be able to guess what they are trying to describe?

Tags: taboopolar bears

Was That Foolish? • Ep 125- Mondays...Meh

• Runtime: 00:05:58 • Download

When did April 1st become the ONLY day to be foolish? This week, Jonathan reads the writings of the great Jim Davis.

Tags: catdogmannaps

Why Don't I Remember That? • Ep 193- Forgettable Superheros

• Runtime: 00:09:28 • Download

Do you remember these early comic book superheros? These forgettables may become very memorable.

Tags: SuperherosZippoJust 'N' RightBee Man

How Did It Get This Way? • Ep 113- March "Holidays"

• Runtime: 00:32:55 • Download

There are a lot of "holidays" in March. Marty and Jonathan this week talk about the week past that had plenty of holidays to celebrate. But are they truly worth the parties? How did they even become a thing?

Tags: St. PatrickGreenMarioPiPieMarch

Who's Hungry? • Ep 184- Cheesy Mushroom Polenta

• Runtime: 00:12:09 • Download

Someone is in the kitchen with Producer Amy. Oh, its just Marty. Find out what Marty is about to eat.

Tags: Mushroomcookingpolenta

Why So Much Ado? • Ep 162- Two Gentlemen from Verona Act 1 Scn 1

• Runtime: 00:12:04 • Download

This week, Marty and Jonathan start "Two Gentlemen from Verona" Act 1 Scene 1. This is widely considered one of William Shakespeare's first written play.

Tags: Shakespeare

What If We're Wrong? • Ep 129- 2019 Academy Awards

• Runtime: 00:38:51 • Download

It's the end of the award season. Well, the award season is over. Marty and Jonathan try there luck to see if they know who won at the Oscars.

Tags: AcademyAwardsOscars

Is It Ever Too Late? • Ep 152- Valentine's Day

• Runtime: 00:30:47 • Download

Marty and Jonathan recorded right on time for Valentine's Day. This week we get to see into Jonathan's new status update.

Tags: lovevalentine'sday

What Rhymes With Orange? • Ep 142- Valentine's Day Special

• Runtime: 00:04:35 • Download

The love is in the air again in 2019. Listen to some authentic poems from one of our hosts, Jonathan. Can you feel the love?

Tags: lovepoemvalentine's day

Who Really Did It? • Ep 171- The Case of the Dropped Snacks pt 6

• Runtime: 00:10:50 • Download

Marty and Jonathan continue to look into the details of the Case of the Dropped Snacks. Did Toby the dog get onto the table? Was it someone who was just lazy? Our hosts continue to work the case.

Tags: mysterysnacks

Haven't You Always Wished? • Ep 139- Thanking Your Teacher

• Runtime: 00:16:39 • Download

Jonathan knows what it is like to be a teacher. This week, finally, his biggest wish comes true. A sit down chat with his 1st improv teacher. Jonathan gets a chance to finally show how thankful he is.

Tags: thankateacher

Where has the Sun Gone? • Ep 108- Back from NYC

• Runtime: 00:11:03 • Download

Jonathan has gotten back from his weekend in NYC. He is here tonight to listen to your questions and answer from the heart.

Tags: loveline

Will You Make It? • Ep 197- 1st Snow of 2019

• Runtime: 00:24:40 • Download

Marty and Jonathan have a special assignment this week. Jonathan has a play to get to a hour away. Forecast calls for snow and for the heavy part to happen on his way back home. Our hosts will figure out if Jonathan can make the show and home safely.

Tags: forecastsnowtraveltheater

Is That Your Final Answer? • Ep 187- Week 2 of 2019

• Runtime: 00:12:27 • Download

It's week 2 with 15 brand new questions. How well did you do? Make sure you let us know!

Tags: triviaquestions

Are You Writing A Book? • Ep 119- Christmas Time

• Runtime: 00:17:51 • Download

We Have To Ask would like to wish you an amazing start to 2019. Here is a tapping of a Christmas show that happened with almost everyone from The Peak Sloth Network.

Tags: bookwriting

What's It Like There? • Ep 165 - Christmas in NY

• Runtime: 00:27:58 • Download

Merry Christmas from Baltimore and New York.

Tags: ChristmasTravel

What Are You Running From? • Ep 128- Baltimore to LA

• Runtime: 00:07:07 • Download

Why leave Baltimore? WHY?

Tags: Leaving

Allow Popups? • Ep 153- Advertising

• Runtime: 00:34:31 • Download

Marty and Jonathan are really looking for people to listen to the show. They have reached out this week to an advertising expert to help. Will you rate this show?

Tags: advertisinglistenplease

Will You Catch The Mall? • Ep 144- Classical

• Runtime: 00:32:26 • Download

Attention Shoppers! This week we will be listening to some of the classics. However, these classics have a little holiday flare.

Tags: mallchristmasmusicclassical

What Playlist is This? • Ep 137- 70s/80s

• Runtime: 00:31:58 • Download

Marty and Jonathan shuffle past the holiday music this week to find some 70s and 80s not so hits. With the help of their guest, they will discover some music and artists that aren't so mainstream.

Tags: musicplaylistalternative

Do You Deliver? • Ep 104- MLML Thanksgiving Invitational

• Runtime: 00:17:13 • Download

We are "Live" at the Minor League Mail League Thanksgiving Invitational. We have a roster of semi professional mail openers looking to win the 2018 Golden Letter Opener and this is just one more stop to the finals.

Tags: mailopeninglettersspam

When's Storytime? • Ep 176- Disc 7: Nursery Rhymes

• Runtime: 00:08:27 • Download

Thank you for choosing "When's Storytime?" 24 disc set of children's short stories and poems. We hope this anthology will help with nap and bed time.

Tags: nurseryrhymes

Haven't We Heard This Already? • Ep 199- Election Time

• Runtime: 00:25:31 • Download

Go vote, make a difference, and let your voice be heard! This message paid for by the Your Right To Vote Podcast Alliance.

Tags: voteelection

What Have We Done • Ep 185- JHC MUPPS Operation

• Runtime: 00:14:33 • Download

These are the tapes from the JHC MUPPS Operation back in the late 60s. Many attempts have been made to make these tape public record. These are some of those recordings.

Tags: Sunny DayStreetMupps

How Round Is Your Table? • Ep 112- Education

• Runtime: 00:37:32 • Download

While Marty is away, Jonathan put together another table of experts. This time, Education is up for debate. Ranging levels of experience in and out of the classroom, this week we put the teachers to the test.

Tags: Common CoreEducationteachingteacherstudent

Can You Cover Me? • Ep 124- Weezer

• Runtime: 00:35:55 • Download

One of the most talked about covers in the history of the world is this week's topic. Marty and Jonathan bring in local expert of Weezer to talk about their cover of Toto's "Africa." They will take some time to do the things they never have.

Tags: africaweezercover songTotoRivers

Is This The Future We Were Promised? • Ep 150 - Uncanny w/ Lilly

• Runtime: 00:35:17 • Download

Marty and Jonathan travel to the uncanny valley this week. Bringing in this week expert Lilly, they discuss the things that makes us feel a little strange.

Tags: UncannyStrangeValley

How High Can You Go? • Ep 161- 420's Half Birthday

• Runtime: 00:33:55 • Download

Marty and Jonathan were scheduled to bring in a thought board expert. Can you really achieve all your thoughts and dreams by willing it onto the board? Well..Marty had to go away this weekend and things changed.

Tags: 420RollingBudPotGrassTree

Must The Show Go On? • Ep 133- Community/School Theater

• Runtime: 00:37:50 • Download

Marty and Jonathan find themselves wanting to start a community theater. This week they bring in Danny, who has the tips and tricks for starting up your own community theater.

Tags: communitytheater

What Is The Biggest Animal You Have Ever Killed? • Ep 143 - Dr. Violet Gray

• Runtime: 00:29:51 • Download

We are LIVE from the 3rd annual Baltimore Podcast Festival. This week, Marty and Jonathan have Dr. Violet Gray, expert in Big Game Hunting. Find out the process of getting your PHD and ways to stay save.

Tags: animalsbiggame

Are You With The Band? • Ep 108- Tavor

• Runtime: 00:30:23 • Download

Marty and Jonathan had very opposite weeks. Together, they have brought on local Dirty Blues performer, Tavor. Learn what Dirty Blues are and how Tavor got into the music business.

Tags: tavordirty bluesfolksingersong writer

What Are We Looking At? • Ep 172 - Real Sci-Fi

• Runtime: 00:33:35 • Download

Marty and Jonathan get into the science of Sci-Fi this week. What is it actually like to fly a space craft in space? Could their actually be life on other planets? Our hosts journey where no podcast hosts have journeyed before.

Tags: spacesci-firocketship

Are U In Team? • Ep 188- Anastasia Beaven-Hauser

• Runtime: 00:29:50 • Download

Marty and Jonathan team up again this week to bring you Anastasia Beaven-Hauser. They discuss this week team building events. Always know, there is a team working behind the scenes for your team building.

Tags: team buildingwork

Can We Pencil You In? • Ep 126- Rebecca Noe

• Runtime: 00:32:33 • Download

It's Baltimore Restaurant Week again. Marty and Jonathan look to discover what it takes to create a week long event. They have scheduled resident event coordinator, Rebecca Noe to learn more.

Tags: RestaurantWeekeventsbaltimore

How Was Your Season? • Ep 164 - Frankie's Garden

• Runtime: 00:34:51 • Download

Marty and Jonathan get to know Frankie's garden. What are his gardening skills and tricks? We discover what is growing in the garden.

Tags: gardeningberries

Where Do I Sign Up? • Ep 116- Adult Babysitters Club

• Runtime: 00:26:29 • Download

Marty and Jonathan check in on the babysitting sector of Baltimore. The Adult Babysitters Club is a growing organization looking to make a mark. How difficult is it to join the elite? Find out this week.

Tags: Babysitters CLubBabysitting

Has It Really Been That Long? • Ep 158- Austin from High school

• Runtime: 00:32:43 • Download

It's been a minute. Marty and Jonathan welcome a high school mate of Jonathan's, Austin. This week a podcast host and a DJ in LA catch up.

Tags: reunionhigh school

Have We Run Out Of Ideas? • Ep 140- 1st "25" Clip Show

• Runtime: 00:26:23 • Download

Sometimes to prepare for a big event, you must throw out everything you know and get lazy. Come on a journey of Jonathan and Marty's first "25" episodes.

Tags: ClipShowChristmasSummer

How Do You Save The Day? • Ep 138 - FlyHawk

• Runtime: 00:30:01 • Download

Dun Dun Dun DUNNNNNNNN! Marty and Jonathan are back for another exciting episode. This week, they meet a student of the game, FlyHawk. Will they discover his weakness? Will they conquer this episode? Will they follow each other on Linkedin and start networking? Tune in to find out!

Tags: superherosflightflyhawk

Will We Catch Them All? • Ep 194- Pokemon Generations

• Runtime: 00:34:56 • Download

Marty and Jonathan attempt to catch them all. Pokemon is a multi-generational game series that continues to go strong. Our hosts have a guest who has extensive knowledge on these Pocket Monsters.

Tags: VideoGamePokemonNintendo

What Are You Drinkin'? • Ep 177- The Light Side

• Runtime: 00:29:48 • Download

Marty and Jonathan venture outside of the local brews this week. They have brought in experts of light beer. Why do people still lean towards this beer at pubs? Marty and Jonathan get to the bottom of it.

Tags: lightbeerlocalbrew

How Have You Not Seen That? • Ep 146- Game of Thrones

• Runtime: 00:28:50 • Download

It's Marty's week to get Jonathan on board. This episode, Marty is riding in on a dragon to convince Jonathan that Game of Thrones is a show for him. He has brought in fan and expert of the show, Haley, to crown this show the best thing Jonathan has never seen.

Tags: GameThronesHBOWalking Dead

Who Fragged Who? • Ep 127- Gears of War

• Runtime: 00:37:29 • Download

Marty and Jonathan squad up this week with special guest, Juan. This week they discuss the Gears of War franchise. They get a chance to speak on its growing popularity, its next installment, and its online game play.

Tags: gears of warvideo gamesxbox

Should We Say Something? • Ep 183- A Guest

• Runtime: 00:37:32 • Download

Marty and Jonathan invite a guest into the studio this week. The topic of discussion is how to meet and greet someone famous. Have our hosts ever met someone famous and how did it go?

Tags: celebsAlec BaldwinConfirmation

What's So Great About Fridays? • Ep 155-Sitcom Relationships

• Runtime: 00:39:33 • Download

Marty and Jonathan discuss the driving force behind any great sitcom, the relationship. They bring in relationship expert, Hannah J, to dissect some of our cherished groups on TV. It isn't sweeps week but you better have your tissues ready.

Tags: sitcomrelationshipsboy meets worldfull house

How Was Your Weekend? • Ep 131- Memorial Day Weekend 2018

• Runtime: 00:26:34 • Download

Marty and Jonathan chat about the happenings of Memorial Day weekend. Jonathan discusses attending his first game of the season for the Baltimore Brigade. Marty gives the run down on Baltimore's Sandlot.

Tags: sandlotarenafootballbrick by brick

Will The Stars Align? • Ep 118- Dudley J Quaid

• Runtime: 00:36:24 • Download

Marty and Jonathan finally look to the stars to bring Jeff Goldblum and Dame Judi Dench together. What do their birth signs tell us about their connect? Is Mercury the answer to the problem?

Tags: horoscopestarsjudi denchjeff goldblum

How Fast Can We Go? • Ep 122- The Preakness

• Runtime: 00:38:27 • Download

Marty and Jonathan prepare for the most important jewel in the Triple Crown. From what to wear, drink, and do they find out what the Preakness is really all about.

Tags: The PreaknessHorseRacing

Where Will You Be Staying? • Ep 163- Summer Camping

• Runtime: 00:40:25 • Download

Marty is back from France and Jonathan is all ears. With summer around the corner, they look at what it takes to have a relaxing stay at summer camp. Find out the best ways to stay cool at night and find the perfect temperature for your showers.

Tags: showersummercampcampingtentcabinsleeping bag

What's That Up There? • Ep 109- Urban Tree Canopy

• Runtime: 00:42:03 • Download

Marty and Jonathan get to the root of what is growing in our neighborhoods. How are trees picked for a block? Who is planting these trees? Their guest this week has all the answers.

Tags: treesneighborhoodurbancanopyBradford Pear

Is This...? • Ep 145- Is This 30?

• Runtime: 00:49:40 • Download

Jonathan is about to turn 30! A traditionally held milestone birthday, Jonathan seeks out help from friends Kim and Lars. Is this truly 30?

Tags: birthday30milestone

How Do You Pick Your Spot? • Ep 105 - GoGos the Fashion Bus

• Runtime: 00:36:30 • Download

Marty and Jonathan head over to the JFX farmers market in Baltimore City. There, they find Stacey with her business, GoGos. This fashion bus is mobile to give everyone the chance to add to their wardrobe.

Tags: Fashionbusgogosfarmersmarket

What Are The Odds? • Ep 9 - Jonathan's Story

• Runtime: 00:36:17 • Download

Jonathan finds himself entangled in a mystery that spans more than a decade.

Tags: lostfoundwoodsblockbustermystery

Where Do I Know You From? • Ep 65- Trivia & Podcast Network

• Runtime: 00:39:38 • Download

Marty and Jonathan speak with local trivia enthusiast and podcast host Lars P. Find out how Jonathan met Lars for the first time. How does Lars' trivia team do on a weekly basis?

Tags: PodcastPeakslothTriviaBarSoftball

Whos Got Next? • Ep 54 - Killer Queen comes to Baltimore

• Runtime: 00:26:58 • Download

Marty and Jonathan go to the unveiling of Killer Queen in Baltimore. They speak with Todd Blatt, who spearheaded the crowd funding campaign to bring the game to the city. Learn with Marty and Jonathan how the game is played and what the community is like.

Tags: Killer QueenBee8-bitvideo game

Do We Have Time For This? • Ep 8 - Toga Party

• Runtime: 00:12:18 • Download

Marty and Jonathan squeeze in a toga party. Did they stay long and did they have fun? Yes they did. Sorry, they don't have time to wait for your guesses.

Tags: togapartyavambeercrafts

Why Pay Retail? • Ep 79 - Thrift Scavenging with Kathleen

• Runtime: 00:34:45 • Download

Marty and Jonathan search for the real deals with their guest Kathleen. They discover the tips to finding real treasures in others trash. Kathleen discusses her best finds and the one that keeps slipping through her hands.

Tags: ThirftTrashTreasurePeeWee

What's Between the Lines? • Ep 97- "Life In The Midwest" Author Burnadette Toboggan

• Runtime: 00:40:09 • Download

Marty and Jonathan have a sit down interview with author Burnadette Toboggan. They discuss what makes her series of novels, "Life in the Midwest", so interesting to her readers. Learn about her back history and what was the starting point for her writing.

Tags: MidwestAliensAuthorsbooksnovels

Who Will Take The Initiative? • Ep 52 - Charm City Meadworks' D&D

• Runtime: 00:39:16 • Download

Marty and Jonathan venture to Charm City Meadworks for their monthly Sunday D&D for the first time. Joined by friend Kim and newcomer Dan, Marty tries being Game Master. Armed with pencils and their 20 sided dice, they are ready for this new adventure.

Tags: DungeonDragonsMeadDice

Was Once Enough • Ep 2 - Earth Girls are Easy

• Runtime: 00:40:02 • Download

Marty and Jonathan are back! This week, with their friend Kristen, they talk about a movie that never had a sequel, Earth Girls are Easy. Why has this masterpiece never been touched since the 80s? What would a sequel look like? How sexy is Jeff Goldblum?

Tags: Earth Girls are EasyMoviesequeljeff goldblumgeena davis

How Was It? • Ep 86 - Sobriety with Ti

• Runtime: 00:35:23 • Download

Marty and Jonathan sit down with Ti to discuss his 7 month journey of sobriety. What lead Ti to make a change and are there obstacles in the way?

Tags: sobriety

Are You A Wizard? • Ep 95 - Pinball with Pat

• Runtime: 00:39:24 • Download

Marty and Jonathan head to a local resturant that is home to a room of pinball machines. There, they meet up with their guest, Pat. Discussing what makes a pinball machine, how do you become one with the machine, and why are the lights so bright makes this week spring to action.

Tags: pinballwizardwholightsflippers

Who Makes? Who Takes? • Ep 74 - Sweaters for Cats

• Runtime: 00:37:58 • Download

Jonathan and Marty look to warm up this week. Ivana Helper, world renowned philanthropist, brings some of her sweaters for nude cats in with her. What are her next steps and will she branch out?

Tags: catsnudesweatersphilanthropist

Did You Cover Your Tracks? • Ep 57- Currency

• Runtime: 00:34:10 • Download

Marty has vanished but the show must go on. Jonathan and special co host Richard sit down with Linda Sterling to discuss life without traceable currency. No credit cards, no checks, and no banks. We're only dealing in bills and coins.

Tags: billscashcoins

Where's Your Ticket? • Ep 98- Concert Trips

• Runtime: 00:36:15 • Download

Marty's plane was delayed but the show must go on. Jonathan sits down with friend and expert, Danielle Smith, to discuss traveling to see concerts. What are tricks to get VIP tickets, how should you pack, and how far should you travel to see a concert?

Tags: bandtravelNKOTB98pillow

What Choice Do We Have? • Ep 75 - Navigating with Just Cecilia

• Runtime: 00:32:13 • Download

Marty and Jonathan make the choice of coming in from the cold weather outside. They bring with them expert life navigator Just Cecilia to help out with those choices that need step by step directions.

Tags: Jim Bob CooterPooterNavigatingTrolly

Do You Feel Safe? • Ep 62 - M&T Bank Stadium

• Runtime: 00:26:58 • Download

Marty and Jonathan discuss the security practices of M&T Bank Stadium, the home of the Baltimore Ravens. Jonathan talks about the long list of items prohibited from entering the stadium and his attempt to sneak a few of those items into the game.

Tags: BaltimoreRavensbagsponchos

Do You Hear What I Hear? • Ep 90 - The Mayor's Christmas Party

• Runtime: 00:17:29 • Download

Jonathan and Marty host the Baltimore Mayor's Christmas Celebration in Hampden! Live it like you were there as Jonathan spins the beats and get everybody pumped for the Mayor's appearance.

Holiday music for this episode is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 from freemusicpublicdomain.com:

  • "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Jon Sayles"
  • "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel - Patrick Kallestad"
  • "Silent Night - Jon Sayles'"
  • "Have a Happy Christmas - Geoff Hurley"

Tags: christmasholidaysmayorcelebrationHampdenDJhype

Who Asked You? • Ep 77 - The Expert of Experts Joseph Jacobs

• Runtime: 00:32:27 • Download

Jonathan and Marty have some long-awaited face time with their talent booker and meta-expert, Joseph Jacobs. They answer your expert-seeking questions in "Who Do I Ask?"

Tags: expertsexpertexpertisestatisticsliesdamn-lies

Hot Or Cold? • Ep 89 - Ice and Sand Sculpting

• Runtime: 00:32:40 • Download

Marty and Jonathan discover that sculpting is not just an art form, its a way of life. Whole beach sand sculpting to works of art carved in ice are just a few of the skills they discuss. Also, another round of "Tis the Season."

Tags: icesandlamesculptingocean citynetflix

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks? • Ep 99 - Puppy Power w/ Cob Sicily

• Runtime: 00:37:41 • Download

Marty and Jonathan find the best techniques for training dogs. Whether you always get bit or licked, there will be some good information for you. Also, more advice for your job changes on "Nothing Up Our Sleeves."

Tags: dogpuppygarbagebitesdog shouter

Who Sang That? • Ep 60 - 90's ALT Rock w/ Miles Needer

• Runtime: 00:31:37 • Download

Marty and Jonathan take a stroll down musical memory lane to 90's Alt Rock. How did bands transition between hair rock to grunge and its effect on the masses? What were concerts like and the merchandise they sold? Plus, fan write-ins for Duet It or Screw It.

Tags: 90'sAltRockGrungeSNLThe Statebandmusic

Is It Better Down Where Its Wetter? • Ep 5 - Lobster Talk with Jessica Finn

• Runtime: 00:35:01 • Download

Marty and Jonathan find out about the life styles of the lobster. Everything from eating habits to activities they do under water. Jonathan also has an update on Dolphin Crush.

Tags: dolphinlobsterrolleatingwater

Am I Stressing You Out? • Ep 50 - Massage Bloggist Sharon O'Haren

• Runtime: 00:31:29 • Download

Marty took a relaxing trip and Jonathan brought in his friend Kristen to help co-host the show. They got to meet Sharon O'Haren to talk about the new fads in massage. This episode should keep you from stressing out.

Tags: Sharon O'HarenBloggerSelf MassageMassage

Should We Turn Back? • Ep 80- Gil Grubman

• Runtime: 00:39:32 • Download

Jonathan and Marty welcome Gil Grubman on the show to talk about traveling with not so friendly people. Gil talks about traveling to your home country, eastern Europe, and the proper Buffalo Wing.

Tags: unfriendlynew yorkeasterneuropegil

How Well Did You Listen? • Ep 100 - The Archivists 1.0

• Runtime: 00:30:23 • Download

Dear valued listener,

We at Here Be Lobsters strive to bring you the best content in the multiverse. This week, we have for you a pilot of a new game show for We Have To Ask. Play along with Marty and Jonathan and see if you paid closer attention to the series. Help us celebrate 100 episodes!

Cordially, Marty and Jonathan Here Be Lobsters NLC

Tags: 100Game ShowDunk TankSpidersHalloween

Who's Ghosting Who? • Ep 14 - Ghosting Me, Ghosting You

• Runtime: 00:19:10 • Download

Marty reviews his experience doing the WNYC Bored and Brilliant #GetBored challenge while trying to figure out if Jonathan is ghosting him.

Tags: GetBoredunpluggingghostingpersonal

How Can We Fix This? • Ep 48 - Building Bridges

• Runtime: 00:32:07 • Download

Marty and Jonathan have some bridges that need to be mended. For the last couple of episodes cracks have been showing on once solid foundations and this week they look to tend to them.

Tags: bridgemimessnickers7-11

Have We Crossed the Line? • Ep 20- Baltimore Improv Group Kickstarter

• Runtime: 00:42:33 • Download

Marty and Jonathan are in the final stretch of the Baltimore Improv Group’s Kickstarter. They get a chance to speak to many members of the community who helped get their new theater up and running for the grand opening.

Tags: theatercomedyBaltimorehomestretchfundraising

Is This How It Ends? • Ep 107 - The Truth

• Runtime: 00:16:14 • Download

Jonathan is finally getting things off his chest. He opens up about the episode that finally did Marty and him in. What a journey it has been.

Tags: fireworkspeakslothmarty100end

*Insert question here* • Ep ^*# - O̸̫̠͈̤͇͑̃͗͝n̴̨̩̥͓̞̉̍ë̴̢̯͉͓̬̫̣͉̭͍̩̘́̈́̀͂̈́̓̋̅̏̏̈́͛̀͜͜ͅ ̶̧̘̖͇͙̘̜̠̯͉͎͉̹͊̀͐̕M̶̨̛͈̘͇̥͍̻̽̐̒̒̿͛͒͗͒̾̀̔͘͜o̷̰̺͎̬̽̔̎̇͂̅͊̈́͘͘̚͠ṇ̵̲̞̤̝̳̦̘̱͎̔̽̈́́͆̑͛͆̌̿̈́̕͝t̷͙͎̿̏͛̃̋̉̈́̀̍͝ḩ̸̧̱̯̘̜͚̭͈̇̑̏̈̃̅̎̀̏̀̀͝͠ ̸̠͖̼̀̔A̸̱̜͍͕̪̝̬̟̤̳̅̐͛͑ẅ̸̧̧̧̛̛͍̟̿̓̽̀̎̓ͅą̶̛͚͎̖̣͕̮̣̯̦̲̜̮͒͛̀͛̊̋̾̈́͌̈̽̚̕y̶̨̯̹̑͜

• Runtime: 00:19:46 • Download

This is the content section. Jonathan or Marty will update this section before posting. Be sure to post a synopsis of the episode.

Tags: Themachineisbrokenhelpus

What Time Is It? • Ep 1527 - Genghis Khan and Bill

• Runtime: 00:29:55 • Download

Jonathan and Marty have gone back in time to create a two person squad to face each other in the arcade classic Joust. Now in 1527, the group look to fine the world's greatest jouster and possibly a real dragon.

Tags: JoustGenghisTimeBill and TedArcadedragon

Where's the Coffee? • Ep 61 - To Frederick or Bust

• Runtime: 00:43:51 • Download

Marty and Jonathan are on the road this week to Frederick Maryland for the Comedy Pigs Summer Extravaganza with Hostel. Learn what makes a gathering an extravaganza, how much coffee one person can actually consume, and fun facts about Goldfish crackers.

Tags: goldfishfrederickextravaganzaroadtrip

How Do You Say Goodbye? • Ep 45 - Bye Bye Sean Latta

• Runtime: 00:42:51 • Download

Marty and Jonathan wish a fond farewell to friend Sean Latta. What does Sean expect to see in New York and what will he miss most in Baltimore? This contributor to the show finally gets his comeuppances.

Tags: baltimorenew yorkdragon boatsmayorsean

What Are You Looking At? • Ep 36 - Cecilia Lopez-Cruz

• Runtime: 00:36:18 • Download

This week, Marty and Jonathan talk to Cecilia Lopez-Cruz about the world of missing milk carton people. How does big orange juice play a role in the fascinating world of missing people bounty hunting. Also, another exhilarating round of I Spy.

Tags: milkdonald duckmissingi spy

What Do The Pros Say? • Ep 68- Otakon 2017

• Runtime: 00:30:50 • Download

Marty and Jonathan have two separate events to go to this week. While Marty is going to John Hopkins for a study, Jonathan is going to Otakon 2017 to talk to cosplayers. Jonathan is out to find if there is money to be made in cosplaying.

Tags: OtakonCosplayD.C.John Hopkins

What's Cooking? • Ep 40 - David Bakes You Bread

• Runtime: 00:38:31 • Download

Jonathan and Marty loaf around the kitchen with urban pirate and semi-pro bread baker David Lustig to learn what drives his passion for bread, and whether he can help them make a good bake of their own.

Get your own loaf from David at davidbakesyoubread.com!

Tags: breadbaking

Hot Enough For You? • Ep 4 - Artscape 2017

• Runtime: 00:23:13 • Download

Marty and Jonathan brave the heat for the 2017 Artscape. They discuss the importance of sauna use during the summer. Also, how far does the gas company hands go into all aspects of government?

Tags: SaunaArtscapeSummerHeat

How's Your Summer Going? • Ep 15 - Prof. H Y Paperstacks

• Runtime: 00:34:22 • Download

Marty and Jonathan get to the bottom of what makes the perfect Snoball for the summer time and can you have to much marshmallow. Also, learn about what is a good sauce to go on and with hot wings.

Tags: snoballshot wingsmarshmallowsummer

Do You Call That Art? • Ep 25 - Nude Self Portraits w/ Trisha

• Runtime: 00:33:56 • Download

Marty and Jonathan take the next step in Jonathan's journey of self portraits. They bring in world renowned self portrait artist Trisha to discuss the process of an amazing portrait.

Tags: nudeself protraitsbetsart

Do You Call That Food? • Ep 30- Author Doug Chetterson

• Runtime: 00:28:22 • Download

Marty and Jonathan learn the math and science behind Taco Bell. Thanks to Author Doug Chetterson, they are able to learn more about the standard for late night dining.

Tags: taco bellchalupadining

Will You Pass Go? • Ep 88 - Day Vatell w/ Wokeopoly

• Runtime: 00:33:57 • Download

Marty and Jonathan continue their mission to find the fresh new Monopoly game. This week, they bring in Day Vatell who is a huge fan of Monopoly. Our hosts have boarded a car on the B&O railroad and are heading around the board. Will this game pass go?

Tags: monopolywokepretzelsold baytransit

Who Wore It Best? • Ep 78 - Euro Vogue's Georgina VanSumting

• Runtime: 00:30:31 • Download

Marty and Jonathan went all in with this week's episode. You can breath a little easier with this romper-less episode. The Editor of Euro Vogue is on to talk about the new fashion season and where do political fashion trends start.

Tags: rompersspeedosfutbolsoccerclothesfashion

Who's The Boss? • Ep 23 - The Big Sloth Man Joel Murphy

• Runtime: 00:35:09 • Download

It's time for Marty and Jonathan's performance review. Joel Murphy, the founder of the Peak Sloth Network, is here to give his thoughts and opinions on how the show is going. Our hosts get a chance to also review Joel's show and abilities as the head of the network.

Tags: PeakSlothNetworkPerformance ReviewHobo RadioLars

How Will You Be Remembered? • Ep 19 - Maude and Mordy with a D

• Runtime: 00:31:56 • Download

Jonathan and Marty continue to find ways to cement their legacy in the world. This week they speak to Maude and Mordy about the importance of post-its, take a penny, cardboard, and showers. Take notes, just so you can remember all of these amazing tips.

Tags: remembershowerscardboard

Where's The Exit? • Ep 32 - The App Doctor Ralphia Zuckerberg

• Runtime: 00:32:39 • Download

Jonathan and Marty discuss the long arc of the career of the man, the myth, the legend, the App Doctor. They also play The Fishbowl with your app ideas.

Tags: appdoctorappsfundingVentureCapital

Is It Worth the Hassle? • Ep 91 - Annabellesley Ckenneddie

• Runtime: 00:37:58 • Download

Jonathan and Marty sit down with the author of "Take the Rude out of Crudités" to talk about the pending summer wedding season.

Tags: etiquetteweddingscruditésauthorsnot-a-kennedy

Why So Many Questions? • Ep 64 - The Art of the Interview

• Runtime: 00:25:10 • Download

Jonathan and Marty chat with Kylie about her experiences conducting interviews using those most dreaded of communication tools: questions.

Tags: interviewingtruth-seeking

Where are the Laces? • Ep 51 - Dr. Stacy Townsend

• Runtime: 00:33:15 • Download

In this live show at the Baltimore Podcast Festival, Jonathan and Marty chat with Dr. Stacy Townsend about her efforts to advance shoe education, as well as some foot faves and foot faux pas.

Tags: shoes shoes shoesomgshoes

What Do You Do With Your Hands? • Ep 7 - Youth & the Fidget Spinners

• Runtime: 00:33:15 • Download

Jonathan and Marty get schooled about a new toy that is sweeping the world to occupy your idle hands. Jonathan and Xander square off based on your game suggestions in Rock, Paper, Whaaat?

Tags: fidgetspinnerRPW

Are We Better Together? • Ep 18 - Emerald Grynye

• Runtime: 00:40:25 • Download

Jonathan and Marty get back to basics to learn about team building in the woods with Emerald Grynye.

Tags: campingteam dietsduckteeth

Would You Tap That? • Ep 46 - Clicker Games and Social Media

• Runtime: 00:33:26 • Download

Jonathan and Marty chat about "engagement maximizing" games, as well as a social network that makes Twitter 2010 again.

Tags: gamestime-wastinglife-drainingopen-sourcefederatedtwitter-killer

What's Wrong? • Ep 27 - Dew.S.A. All The Way

• Runtime: 00:23:25 • Download

While keeping their improv troupe from warming up, Jonathan and Marty lament the way sodas and fast food keep finding ways to be more wrong.

Tags: DewSAnowhySorryHostel

What's Good? • Ep 71 - Baltimore Joe

• Runtime: 00:31:40 • Download

Jonathan and Marty meet with Baltimore Joe outside Camden Yards to talk Baltimore history and hidden treasures.

Tags: springOriolesRavensHard Rock Cafe

Where Do You Get That? • Ep 38- Mints w/ Petunia Raingarden

• Runtime: 00:39:42 • Download

Jonathan and Marty follow Petunia Raingarden into an obsession with more than just mints.

Tags: mintshard candiesamazon.com

Why Won't We Sell Out? • Ep 84 - Donors Show

• Runtime: 00:16:46 • Download

Happy April! That means it's time for our donor shout-out show! Jonathan MCs all of our donor's messages while Marty is away fulfilling donor rewards.

Tags: donormessagesnotadvertisingnotsellingout

Why is That the Norm? • Ep 81 - Grilling

• Runtime: 00:43:24 • Download

Jonathan and Marty wrestle with some of the norms around cooking outdoors.

Tags: cookingmeatveggiescompromisefire

Who's Laughing Now? • Ep 33 - The Joke Doctor

• Runtime: 00:30:50 • Download

Jonathan and Marty get some much-needed schooling from the Joke Doctor. Your jokes are put to the test as well!

Tags: humoracademiaresearchcritiquefelonies

Are You All In? • Ep 2 - March Madness

• Runtime: 00:40:56 • Download

Jonathan and Marty's latest sports gamble is to take on March Madness and the art of bracket-making with the help of basketball coach Scottie Birdson.

Tags: basketballmarch madnesssportsbetting

Where Do You Keep Your Treasures? • Ep 56 - Selling our Treasures at the Techno Swap Fest

• Runtime: 00:24:33 • Download

Jonathan and Marty journey to the 7th Annual Techno Swap Fest to clear the decks for a new season of treasure-hunting.

Tags: techswapsalecashing out

Whither the Storm? Ep 20 - Held Up in a Burger Joint

• Runtime: 00:25:18 • Download

Jonathan and Marty find themselves trapped by a rare February winter thunderhail storm. Jonathan plays the Martysplain card.

Tags: burgersbeershailthundersportsball

Who's Shopping Now • Ep 9.99 - Can Curtains Pop Up

• Runtime: 00:36:16 • Download

Jonathan and Marty really hope that you are shopping now. Please buy these products.

Tags: homeshoppingbuy-now

Do You Believe in Love After Life? Ep 67- Reginald Funderson

• Runtime: 00:31:26 • Download

Jonathan and Marty pay a visit to Reginald Funderson, a couples therapist that bridges life and death.

Tags: ghostlovecouplestherapy

Do I Have To Go Outside? • Ep 182 - Sally Jones

• Runtime: 00:29:43 • Download

Jonathan and Marty learn about camping in the Himalayas from their new friend Sally Jones. Jonathan answers your challenges in Rock and a Hard Place.

Tags: extremecampinghimalayaswatersports

Who Get Money? • Ep 39 - Stainless Jeans, Fried Chicken Coating, and Rising Star

• Runtime: 00:27:31 • Download

The Investors surprise Marty and Jonathan with their choices when the Inventors pitch Stainless Jeans, Fried Chicken Coating, and Rising Star.

Tags: jeanscoatingstars

What's A Boy Supposed To Do? • Ep 1995 - Nate Tyson

• Runtime: 00:30:43 • Download

Jonathan and Marty chat with Nate Tyson about the upcoming Logan film, his past with Dilbert, and more. The boys square off in another round of Do You Know Jack?

Tags: x-menlogandilbert1995

How Do They Make That? • Ep 96 - Laughter with Sam Whitfield

• Runtime: 00:32:26 • Download

Jonathan and Marty chat with Sam Whitfield about the sometimes surprising techniques that go into manufacturing the laughter we all take for granted.

Tags: laughtercomedySam WhitfieldBoubon Barrel Improv Companyteaching

What Do You Have To Look Forward To? • Ep 2016 A - Sandra the Executive Producer of 2016

• Runtime: 00:28:35 • Download

[Time Slip Detected] Celebrating the start of 2016, Jonathan and Marty interview Sandra, the executive producer for the year 2016, to see what she has in store.

Tags: 2016new yearexecutive producerproductionSandra

Why Is This Happening To Me? • Ep 49 - Dr. Sheila Taylor

• Runtime: 00:28:31 • Download

In their second attempt at a live show, Jonathan and Marty begin to self-actualize with the help of Dr. Sheila Taylor.

Tags: emotiondreamsbreathinghand-holding

What Jingles Your Bells? • Ep 12 - Santa Pat

• Runtime: 00:27:34 • Download

Jonathan and Marty chat with a very special mall Santa.

Tags: christmassantamall santaparity

Do You Sweat The Small Stuff? • Ep 29 - Terry Withers

• Runtime: 00:32:55 • Download

Jonathan and Marty sit down with scientist Terry Withers to discuss his research into human sweat. The team answers audience advice questions.

Tags: sweathumansrestingexercise

How Do You Kick It Old School? • Ep 256 - William Winkle

• Runtime: 00:33:18 • Download

Jonathan and Marty go even more old school than usual with guest William Winkle, whose memories extend back to WW I.

Tags: schoolingbowtiesmarriagedivorceWWI

Do You Care Enough To Share? • Ep 72- LeeAnn of P.E.T.I.

• Runtime: 00:33:15 • Download

Jonathan and Marty chat with LeeAnn of PETI about her mission to make humans more tolerant of our friends with more than 4 legs. A question from listener Alex B leads to sharing disappointing ride-share stories.

Tags: PETIecosystemco-livinginsectsspiders

What's In Your Kitchen Cabinet? • Ep 34 - Alphonse Gauge

• Runtime: 00:29:37 • Download

Jonathan and Maggie talk finance and computers with Alphonse Gauge, an incoming cabinet member for Baltimore's Mayor-Elect.

Tags: mayoral cabinetpoliticsfinanceinternetbitcoin

What Are You Thankful For? • Ep 83 - Blue and Paul

• Runtime: 00:30:29 • Download

Jonathan and Marty sit down with long-time married couple Blue and Paul to talk about how gratitude makes things work for them.

Tags: marriagefamilythanksgiving season

Is That in Good Taste? • Ep 22 - Tablespoon Packs

• Runtime: 00:31:28 • Download

AJ and Marty sit down and face off with Kurt Piper, the self-styled "inventor" of Tablespoon Packs.

Tags: Kurt PiperTSPtablespoon packscorporate shillbig snack money

Why Not Go Out On A Limb? • Ep 55 - Adrian Pineman

• Runtime: 00:30:40 • Download

Jonathan and Marty bring on a new collaborator to kick the Oakley 2 build into gear.

Tags: Adrian Pinemanstructural engineeringconcretecementOakley 2

How Do You Get Rid of It? • Ep 123 - Shelley Forthwright

• Runtime: 00:35:24 • Download

Happy Halloween, Evacuators everywhere! This week, Jonathan and Marty learn about spiritual cleansing with taxidermist and ghost removal expert Shelley Forthwright.

Tags: HalloweenShelly Forthwrightghost removalshelve it or shove itcorrections corner

How's That Working Out for You? • Ep 41 - Pirates

• Runtime: 00:19:51 • Download

Jonathan and Marty begin new lives aboard a pirate ship.

Tags: season 4piratesboatingjobs

How Do You Keep it Running? • Ep 117 - Stuart Smeck

• Runtime: 00:32:54 • Download

Jonathan and Marty chat with Stuart Smeck about his fledgling driving school operation. Stuart answers trivia about his own business in Too Many Books to Cook.

Tags: Stuart Smeckjust4udrivingschool.edu/drivingDriving SchoolToo Many Books to Cook

Will There Be an Intermission? • Ep 82 - Marsha the Movie Bartender

• Runtime: 00:31:13 • Download

After recounting their assignments from last week, Jonathan and Marty sit down with Marsha, their favorite movie theater bartender, to talk about her trade. Marsha adds scenes to turn your movie suggestions into RomComs.

Tags: bartendingromantic comediesromcom

How Do You Make It Work? • Ep 111 - Procrastination w/ Bailey Tericote

• Runtime: 00:30:36 • Download

Jonathan and Marty chat with Bailey Tericote about his advice for dealing with too much work. Bailey answers some of your questions.

Tags: productivityprocrastinationfunthird eyeBailey Tericote

How Do You Mix Things Up? • Ep 10 - Baby Puddles

• Runtime: 00:29:06 • Download

Jonathan and Marty chat with Callie about her unique daycare service and the joys and challenges that it presents.

Tags: babiespugsBaby Puddlesdaycarepeople food'puppy foodpeople bathroomspuppy bathrooms

How Do You Connect the Dots? • Ep 43 - Des Moines BATT

• Runtime: 00:25:42 • Download

Jonathan and Marty interview Pam and Tabitha, evidence specialists for the Des Moines, IA police department.

Tags: evidencemanagementscrapbookingdecoupage

How Do You Occupy Your Time? • Ep 44 - Cousin Jason

• Runtime: 00:30:48 • Download

Jonathan and Marty sit down with Jonathan's cousin Jason to learn what he is juggling these days.

Tags: Jasonhairhockeyrapchildrennon-profitdadding

Would You Give it a Second Chance? • Ep 70 - Adjunct Teaching

• Runtime: 00:26:16 • Download

After winning a coin flip, Jonathan interviews Marty about his time teaching, and whether he would do it again.

Tags: teachingadjunct teachingtechnology3d printing

How Was Your First Time? • Ep 70 - First Days of Teaching

• Runtime: 00:26:42 • Download

After winning a coin flip, Marty interviews Jonathan about his first time teaching, and other school-related firsts.

Tags: teachingteaching assistanttechnologycrew

What Kind of Drugs Were You Doing? • Ep 654 - Rudyard's Edibles

• Runtime: 00:23:27 • Download

In their first ever live show, Jonathan and Marty chat with Rudyard Smith about the edibles business.

Tags: Rudyard Smithediblessurvival gearedible survival gearbusiness

What's Your Con? • Ep 21 - Otakon 2016

• Runtime: 00:38:42 • Download

Jonathan and Marty split up to take on the final Otakon in Baltimore (before it moves to D.C.) and Walker Stalker Con in Philadelphia.

Tags: otakonbaltimore2016walker stalker conphiladelphiacosplaydealers room

Are You Gonna Eat That? • Ep 35 - Meredith Stone

• Runtime: 00:30:03 • Download

Jonathan and Marty interview Meredith Stone, a provider of raw diet planning services.

Tags: raw dietservicesinterviewnon-vegetariannon-veganfor dogs

Will You Come Sail Away with Me? • Ep 24 - Nikki von Scheetz

• Runtime: 00:28:21 • Download

Jonathan and Marty interview Nikki von Scheetz about the ways she brings energy to the cruises aboard the Baltimore Soul.

Tags: Baltimore SoulInner HarborcruiseBlues Cruisedancingmusicdrink specials

What Wheel You See? • Ep 6 - Artscape Ferris Wheel

• Runtime: 00:22:49 • Download

Jonathan and Marty split up to interview their friends Kim (who is afraid of Ferris Wheels) and Gillian (who is not afraid of Ferris Wheels) and chat about the annual Artscape festival going on in Baltimore, MD.

Tags: artscapeBaltimoreferris wheel

Why Get Out of Bed? • Ep 1148 - Y2K Celebration

• Runtime: 00:31:12 • Download

Jonathan and Marty interview Gomez Oppenheimer about the upcoming celebration and historical recreation of the Earth year 2000.

Tags: upcoming eventsYear 2000Y2K3rd Milleniumcelebrationrehydrated food

Where Does Your Money Go? • Ep 69 - 4-Play University College of Knowledge

• Runtime: 00:28:54 • Download

Jonathan and Marty are on the road, paying a visit to Jacq and Prescott, hosts of the 4-Play sex and comedy podcast and prolific writers of academic research grants.

Tags: 4-Playrenewable energyhuman factorsmoodIRBsex educationalexander technique

Did You See That? • Ep 92 - Freeform Awards

• Runtime: 00:30:55 • Download

Jonathan and Marty chat with Sarah, a fan blogger who covers the Freeform network, about her superlative picks for the past season.

Tags: freeformabc familyfan blogawards

Would You Like a Sample? • Ep 222 - Homebrew Beer with Christopher Scarborough

• Runtime: 00:35:29 • Download

Jonathan and Marty sit down with Christopher Scarborough to sample some of his homebrew beers.

Thanks to Christopher Scarborough of The Curioso Podcast for being on the show!

Tags: homebrewbeercraftsmanshipdiymakeranticorporateanticapitalisttrappist

How Do You Fight the Power? • Ep 63 - Juniper Jones

• Runtime: 00:27:22 • Download

Jonathan and Marty chat with Juniper Jones about his unique methods of fighting the music industry.

Tags: ticketmasterstubhubmusic venuesbootlegsfolk musicJuniper Jones

How Do You Get There? • Ep 37 - Providence to Baltimore

• Runtime: 00:31:10 • Download

Jonathan and Marty sit down with Adam Hippogryph to discuss the intricacies of long distance multi-modal transport from Providence, RI to Baltimore, MD.

Tags: multimodalamtraklocal busmonthly passpublic transitProvidence, RIBaltimore, MD

Do You Accept Your Mission? • Ep 94 - Jason Allen

• Runtime: 00:29:23 • Download

Jonathan and Marty sit down with Jason Allen, who is on a mission to create a new arts and entertainment startup company.

Tags: Jason AllentheatertheatreIMDBlocal artstartup idea

How Do You Manage? • Ep 76 - Owen Kipling

• Runtime: 00:29:44 • Download

Jonathan and Marty sit down with Owen Kipling to discuss his unique methods of managing cross-disciplinary teams.

Tags: Owen Kiplinggame theoryprisoner's dilemma

Your Trash Our Treasure? • Ep 47 - Patterson Park Flea Market

• Runtime: 00:31:05 • Download

Jonathan and Marty discuss a recent interesting find at the Patterson Park Flea Market with the man who sold it.

Tags: Patterson ParkGarbage Pail KidsWayne ClarkHG

How Does This Affect My Karma? • Ep 31 - Adopting a Kitten

• Runtime: 00:34:51 • Download

Jonathan and Marty sit down with Landon and Lloyd to discuss the implications of the couples' recent adoption of a kitten.

Tags: internetbalanceterrible peopleyou keep using that word i do not think it means what you think it means

Why Can't We All Be Winners? • Ep 17 - Arnold Braxton

• Runtime: 00:30:43 • Download

Jonathan and Marty interview Arnold Braxton about his recent 3rd place competition finish.

Tags: 3rd placeArnold BraxtonRam's Head Live90s Dance

Why Are We Playing Phone Tag? • Ep 3 - Birthday Gift

• Runtime: 00:26:49 • Download

Jonathan and Marty discuss Jonathan's recent birthday celebration and the gift that Marty purchased for him.

Tags: interceptvoicemailphone tagbirthdaygiftconflict

Is It Til Death? • Ep 28 - Jonathan

• Runtime: 00:31:54 • Download

In a very special birthday episode, we find out if our very own Jonathan is in a friendship that will last until death.

Tags: relationshipquiz showjonathanbfftest

Is it STEAMy Enough for You? • Ep 85 - 40 Under 40 #22 - Harry K

• Runtime: 00:27:39 • Download

Jonathan and Marty take a roadtrip to interview Harry K., number 22 in their "40 Under 40" series of educators that are doing remarkable work in STEAM education, about his work with Minecraft and other games.

Tags: STEAMminecraft40 under 40interviewHarry K

How Was Your Stay? • Ep 53 - Zeke L.

• Runtime: 00:30:54 • Download

Jonathan and Marty meet with Zeke L. to discuss compost, laundry, and his travel schedule.

Tags: Zeke L.vagabondvagrantcompost

Will You Be Our Neighbor? • Ep 11 - Maggie Robinns

• Runtime: 00:23:31 • Download

Jonathan and Marty interview the proprietor of a new ice cream shop coming to Fellton.

Tags: Fellton Neighborhood AssociationFelltonbusinessinterviewMaggie Robinnsice creamdogs

How Do We Raise the Bar? • Ep 110 - DJ Square Beatz

• Runtime: 00:26:36 • Download

After a quick recap of ongoing projects, Jonathan and Marty sit down with DJ []Beatz to discuss her requirements for performing at the Roundhouse Grand Opening.

Tags: interviewDJ []BeatzDJ Square Beatzplanningopening

What Will You Leave Behind? • Ep 122 - Willy Johnstone

• Runtime: 00:37:29 • Download

After mixed successes in their winter camping trips, Jonathan and Marty are back in the studio and celebrating the first day of spring. To help prepare ourselves (and our less experienced listeners) for the season ahead, Bushmaster Willy Johnstone, park ranger of the Loch Raven Reservoir Trails, is here to talk about how to camp safely in the spring season.

Tags: Willy Johnstonebushmasterinterviewspringtrailfood safetybearssquirrelsnaturegoals

How Do You Pop a Shot? • Ep 648 - Karaoke with Chance Pignoli

• Runtime: 00:39:15 • Download

After a quick recap of the week's game nights, Jonathan and Marty change things up by interviewing Baltimore karaoke superstar Chance Pignoli.

Tags: barsportsbar sportskaraokeChance Pignoli

How Does Your Garden Grow? • Ep 16 - Charlotte Webber

• Runtime: 00:34:27 • Download

Spring is in the air and it's time to start planting again! After a cold winter hiatus, Jonathan and Marty are back to get you ready to grow. Them are joined by self-proclaimed "bio-hacker" Charlotte Webber, who shares some of the interesting results of a new hybrid plant growing technique.

Tags: springgardensgardeningCharlotte Webberinterviewsplicingmashupnutribulletabominations

Are You Gonna Finish That? • Ep 1 - Triple Crown

• Runtime: 00:32:41 • Download

In their first episode, Marty and Jonathan sit down with Pete McAllister, the first person to complete the Baltimore Food Challenge Triple Crown.

They discuss Pete's experiences taking on some of the toughest food challenges in Baltimore.

Pete gives some classic advice on how to bring home your own food challenge wins.

Tags: eatingchallengesfood challengespete mcallistertriple crownadvice

What's Your Plot? • Ep 121 - MisCHIEF

• Runtime: 00:27:36 • Download

Marty and Jonathan interview Mill Miller, the inventor of misCHIEF.

Tags: misCHIEFinterviewmadscience

Is Our Children Learning? • #58 - The First Tape

• Runtime: 00:30:02 • Download

After years of research, Jonathan and Marty reveal a tape that, they believe, will finally be the evidence that exonerates them.

Tags: policyeducationresearchproof

What's Your Rush? • Ep 66 - Hirsch Steinbrenner

• Runtime: 00:22:41 • Download

No new episode this week. Instead, here's an extended part 2 of Marty and Jonathan's interview with Hirsch Steinbrenner.

Tags: chocolateHirsch Steinbrennercandyhalloweeninterviewextended

What's the Mask? • Ep. 87 - Welcome to Baltimore

• Runtime: 00:31:02 • Download

Jonathan and Marty start taking in all the knowledge they'll need to make Baltimore great in the minds of the world with the help of special guest Jenny Dixon.

Tags: BaltimorecultureintakePRJenny Dixon

What's That Move? • Ep 13 - Dancelish

• Runtime: 00:24:41 • Download

Jonathan and Marty celebrate a (lunar calendar) year of answering your dance questions with the help of guest expert and native Dancelish speaker Juicey Smith.

Tags: danceq&adancelishJuicey Smith

What Did I Miss? • #103 - Optics

• Runtime: 00:28:21 • Download

Jonathan and Marty sit down with Chauncee Quarrells and learn about the past, present, and future of his groundbreaking reality TV network: Optics.

Tags: reality tvopticslifetimeChauncee Quarrells

What's in a Candidate? • Ep 7 - Kevin O'Mugge

• Runtime: 00:24:25 • Download

Jonathan and Marty return with the 2016 edition of What's in a Candidate, interviewing Kevin O'Mugge, the youngest presidential candidate in U.S. History.

Tags: electioncampaign2016republicanpresidential race

What's in Your Wallet? • Episode #59: Summertime

• Runtime: 00:25:26 • Download

Jonathan and Marty talk summertime trends in gift cards. Jonathan feels vindicated by his Steal of the Week.

Help Joe Squared move to a new home!

Tags: pickpocketingtheftsummergift cardsloyalty cardscapital one

What's in a Drinking Game? • Episode 42 - CSI:Cyber

• Runtime: 00:56:30 • Download

Marty and Jonathan play vegaskid.net's CSI:Cyber drinking game.

Rules: http://vegaskid.net/2015/03/csi-cyber-drinking-game/

Show: CSI:Cyber S01E03 - "Killer En Route"

Tags: drinkingdrinking gametvcsi:cyberreviews

What's in a Game? • #73: 8's Best Retro Fun-Fest Recap

• Runtime: 00:35:29 • Download

Jonathan and Marty play through some of the challenging retro games they faced at the "8's Best Retro Fun-Fest" retro video gaming competition.

Tags: retrosolar jetmanpunch outfestivalcompetition

What's in a Zoo? • Episode 26: Dundalk Zoo

• Runtime: 00:25:18 • Download

Jonathan and Marty interview Melanie Dozer, a long-time Americorps Volunteer helping to establish a new zoo in Dundalk, MD. With guest creatures!

Tags: zoodundalkbaltimorelocal wildlife

What's in a Party? • Episode 154

• Runtime: 00:29:03 • Download

Jonathan and Marty help GuyT73 plan an 18th birthday party for his daughter. Expert guest planner Eliza of Vulvas United.

Tags: partyplanningcollege

What's in a Newsstand? • Episode 220

• Runtime: 00:28:37 • Download

Jonathan and Marty review the latest issues of US Weekly, Women's Health, Baltimore Style, and a new freebie pick, Latin Opinion.

Tags: us weeklywomen's healthbaltimore stylelatin opinionmagazinesnewsstand

What's in a Name? • Episode 93: SuperFight #13 Loot Crate Edition

• Runtime: 00:34:02 • Download

Jonathan and Marty play SuperFight Loot Crate Edition. Marty also berates Jonathan for having never seen the film Casablanca.

Tags: gamesloot crate