We Have To Ask: Live β€’ Ep 147 - Board Games

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Marty and Jonathan roll the dice this week. Will they get back to their better homes?

Tags: TwisterSorryCandy Land

We Have To Ask: Live β€’ Ep 120 - Summer

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Suns out, questions out. Marty and Jonathan look for answers in the shade.

Tags: SummerBeachSandWaterLandTrips

We Have To Ask: Live β€’ Ep 190 - Comfort

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Time to cozy up in those nice PJs and grab a snack. This week Marty and Jonathan dive deep into comfort.

Tags: ComfortSlippers

We Have To Ask: Live β€’ Ep 130 - Mysteries

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Life is full of many mysteries. This week, Marty and Jonathan look to find the answers and correct the path we are all on.

Tags: mysteriesPopsiclesSpace Bar

We Have To Ask: Live β€’ Ep 106 - Gardening

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The timeline is still not has good as it could be. This week, Marty and Jonathan roll their sleeves up and get a little dirty.

Tags: GardenSoilCropsFlowers

We Have To Ask: Live β€’ Ep 151- Hobbies

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This week Marty and Jonathan look to keep busy. With their guests this week, they try to solve the puzzle to get everything back on track.

Tags: hobbies

We Have To Ask: Live β€’ Ep 181- Fashion

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Time for Marty and Jonathan to walk the red carpet. Can they right the ship this week? They will have to make it work.

Tags: fashionhairdoscatwalk

We Have To Ask: Live β€’ Ep 178 - Crafting

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Marty and Jonathan are still fixing the timeline. Maybe a dash of glitter and a drop of clue will help this week.

Tags: glittercraftsjewlery

WHTA Live β€’ Ep 115- Musicals

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Marty and Jonathan enter stage right under the bright lights this week.

Tags: musicals

We Have To Ask Live: Let's Get Physical β€’ Ep 102 - Physical Activities

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Marty and Jonathan look to right the ship this week pondering about physical activities.

Tags: livephysicalgym

Live β€’ Ep 167 - Nachos

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Marty and Jonathan ask the important questions on everyone's favorite party dish...nachos.

Tags: livenachos

Can We Fix It? β€’ Ep 141- New Relationship/New Household Items

• Runtime: 00:34:52 • Download

Marty and jonathan catch up with some old friends (of Marty's) who have become new acquaintances (of each other) and are fast fixing each others problems.

Tags: DoItWithOthersDoItYourselfThanksgiving

Will You Just Drop It? β€’ Ep 101- Skydiving

• Runtime: 00:29:27 • Download

Marty enjoys talking about things that sometimes scares Jonathan. Jonathan has asked for years for Marty to drop it. This week, Marty has picked it back up and Jonathan is holding onto the ground.

Tags: skydivinganxietybirthday

Where the Heck Have You Been? β€’ Ep 132- Catching Up with Marty and Jonathan

• Runtime: 00:36:20 • Download

It has been a few months since our hosts have settled into an episode. This week, we catch up with Marty and Jonathan.

Tags: Catching upimprovNYActivities

Who Is This For? β€’ Ep 310 - What the Comments Meant

• Runtime: 00:16:23 • Download

Jonathan is out this week so Marty presents a mystery for you. Who well-wishes for whom?

Tags: facebookcommentthreadmystery

Are You Ready to Play? β€’ Ep 173- Taboo Jr

• Runtime: 00:10:55 • Download

Marty and Jonathan are dusting off the kids games this week. They will be playing Taboo jr. Will you be able to guess what they are trying to describe?

Tags: taboopolar bears

Was That Foolish? β€’ Ep 125- Mondays...Meh

• Runtime: 00:05:58 • Download

When did April 1st become the ONLY day to be foolish? This week, Jonathan reads the writings of the great Jim Davis.

Tags: catdogmannaps

Why Don't I Remember That? β€’ Ep 193- Forgettable Superheros

• Runtime: 00:09:28 • Download

Do you remember these early comic book superheros? These forgettables may become very memorable.

Tags: SuperherosZippoJust 'N' RightBee Man

How Did It Get This Way? β€’ Ep 113- March "Holidays"

• Runtime: 00:32:55 • Download

There are a lot of "holidays" in March. Marty and Jonathan this week talk about the week past that had plenty of holidays to celebrate. But are they truly worth the parties? How did they even become a thing?

Tags: St. PatrickGreenMarioPiPieMarch

Who's Hungry? β€’ Ep 184- Cheesy Mushroom Polenta

• Runtime: 00:12:09 • Download

Someone is in the kitchen with Producer Amy. Oh, its just Marty. Find out what Marty is about to eat.

Tags: Mushroomcookingpolenta

Why So Much Ado? β€’ Ep 162- Two Gentlemen from Verona Act 1 Scn 1

• Runtime: 00:12:04 • Download

This week, Marty and Jonathan start "Two Gentlemen from Verona" Act 1 Scene 1. This is widely considered one of William Shakespeare's first written play.

Tags: Shakespeare

What If We're Wrong? β€’ Ep 129- 2019 Academy Awards

• Runtime: 00:38:51 • Download

It's the end of the award season. Well, the award season is over. Marty and Jonathan try there luck to see if they know who won at the Oscars.

Tags: AcademyAwardsOscars

Is It Ever Too Late? β€’ Ep 152- Valentine's Day

• Runtime: 00:30:47 • Download

Marty and Jonathan recorded right on time for Valentine's Day. This week we get to see into Jonathan's new status update.

Tags: lovevalentine'sday

What Rhymes With Orange? β€’ Ep 142- Valentine's Day Special

• Runtime: 00:04:35 • Download

The love is in the air again in 2019. Listen to some authentic poems from one of our hosts, Jonathan. Can you feel the love?

Tags: lovepoemvalentine's day

Who Really Did It? β€’ Ep 171- The Case of the Dropped Snacks pt 6

• Runtime: 00:10:50 • Download

Marty and Jonathan continue to look into the details of the Case of the Dropped Snacks. Did Toby the dog get onto the table? Was it someone who was just lazy? Our hosts continue to work the case.

Tags: mysterysnacks