What Kind of Drugs Were You Doing? • Ep 654 - Rudyard's Edibles

• Runtime: 00:23:27 • Download

In their first ever live show, Jonathan and Marty chat with Rudyard Smith about the edibles business.

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You guys are having too much fun & I love your opening music!!!!!
Thanks to our guest Megan Wills and the Charm City Comedy Project for hosting us! We did a live ep improvised from audience inputs! We sing Happy Birthday! There is badly clipped audio! I am sorry!


Thanks to our host @charmcitycomedy for helping us do our first live improvised podcast from audience suggestions! twitter.com/WeHaveToAsk/st…
.@WeHaveToAsk did a live improvised podcast at the @charmcitycomedy project based on audience suggestions! Trippy! twitter.com/WeHaveToAsk/st…