How Do You Connect the Dots? • Ep 43 - Des Moines BATT

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Jonathan and Marty interview Pam and Tabitha, evidence specialists for the Des Moines, IA police department.

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Thanks to our guests this week for teaching us that sometimes solving mysteries is more art and organization than science.
How can I get this on my Sonos?
Great question! We'll find out!
Don't go through my receipts - The pickles paid off a bet !
The brand of pickles was never disclosed to the public! I think we have a new lead suspect.
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I submitted us to the TuneIn podcast database. Here's hoping they let us in!
Okay! We Have to Ask is now available as a TuneIn "radio show". You should be able to find it on your Sonos by searching under Podcasts!
We Have to Ask Podcast got it, nice!!