Will You Pass Go? • Ep 88 - Day Vatell w/ Wokeopoly

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Marty and Jonathan continue their mission to find the fresh new Monopoly game. This week, they bring in Day Vatell who is a huge fan of Monopoly. Our hosts have boarded a car on the B&O railroad and are heading around the board. Will this game pass go?

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A big thanks to Richard Gorelick for coming on this weeks We Have to Ask Podcast. What would a real game of Monopoly look like if it was created by a real person from Baltimore? This week is your chance to find out!
Thanks to guest Richard Gorelick for being playing along in this week's We Have to Ask Podcast!


I'm on this podcast (as my alter ego Day Vatell) !!
Thanks to guest Richard Gorelick for playing along in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast. https://wehavetoask.com/episodes/2017-07-11/