How High Can You Go? • Ep 161- 420's Half Birthday

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Marty and Jonathan were scheduled to bring in a thought board expert. Can you really achieve all your thoughts and dreams by willing it onto the board? Well..Marty had to go away this weekend and things changed.

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IMDB notes for this episode: This episode was intended for European listeners, who write October 10 as 2⁄10. U.S. listeners should wait to listen to this episode on February 10th. Incorrectly considered as a goof: When Richard said that the blank in “All [blank] the Family” should be filled in with “the”, he is correct. Overzealous edit: In the studio recording, Dante’s list of nicknames for “bud” came in at over 10 minutes long. Look for the complete list in a bonus episode exclusively for Patreon backers. Sponsor Snafu: Despite the long setup in the episode, Crayola withdrew an ad for Sidewalk Chalk from the final published show. Listener “Scott” asked for their name to be changed in the final edit after their suggestion of “Calendar” was changed to “Time” without their permission.


Thanks to guest Dante Armon for taking Jonathan and my replacement Richard Gorelick to a place with golden streets in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!