How Was Your Weekend? β€’ Ep 131- Memorial Day Weekend 2018

• Runtime: 00:26:34 • Download

Marty and Jonathan chat about the happenings of Memorial Day weekend. Jonathan discusses attending his first game of the season for the Baltimore Brigade. Marty gives the run down on Baltimore's Sandlot.

Tags: sandlotarenafootballbrick by brick

Will The Stars Align? β€’ Ep 118- Dudley J Quaid

• Runtime: 00:36:24 • Download

Marty and Jonathan finally look to the stars to bring Jeff Goldblum and Dame Judi Dench together. What do their birth signs tell us about their connect? Is Mercury the answer to the problem?

Tags: horoscopestarsjudi denchjeff goldblum

How Fast Can We Go? β€’ Ep 122- The Preakness

• Runtime: 00:38:27 • Download

Marty and Jonathan prepare for the most important jewel in the Triple Crown. From what to wear, drink, and do they find out what the Preakness is really all about.

Tags: The PreaknessHorseRacing

Where Will You Be Staying? β€’ Ep 163- Summer Camping

• Runtime: 00:40:25 • Download

Marty is back from France and Jonathan is all ears. With summer around the corner, they look at what it takes to have a relaxing stay at summer camp. Find out the best ways to stay cool at night and find the perfect temperature for your showers.

Tags: showersummercampcampingtentcabinsleeping bag

What's That Up There? β€’ Ep 109- Urban Tree Canopy

• Runtime: 00:42:03 • Download

Marty and Jonathan get to the root of what is growing in our neighborhoods. How are trees picked for a block? Who is planting these trees? Their guest this week has all the answers.

Tags: treesneighborhoodurbancanopyBradford Pear

Is This...? β€’ Ep 145- Is This 30?

• Runtime: 00:49:40 • Download

Jonathan is about to turn 30! A traditionally held milestone birthday, Jonathan seeks out help from friends Kim and Lars. Is this truly 30?

Tags: birthday30milestone

How Do You Pick Your Spot? β€’ Ep 105 - GoGos the Fashion Bus

• Runtime: 00:36:30 • Download

Marty and Jonathan head over to the JFX farmers market in Baltimore City. There, they find Stacey with her business, GoGos. This fashion bus is mobile to give everyone the chance to add to their wardrobe.

Tags: Fashionbusgogosfarmersmarket

What Are The Odds? β€’ Ep 9 - Jonathan's Story

• Runtime: 00:36:17 • Download

Jonathan finds himself entangled in a mystery that spans more than a decade.

Tags: lostfoundwoodsblockbustermystery

Where Do I Know You From? β€’ Ep 65- Trivia & Podcast Network

• Runtime: 00:39:38 • Download

Marty and Jonathan speak with local trivia enthusiast and podcast host Lars P. Find out how Jonathan met Lars for the first time. How does Lars' trivia team do on a weekly basis?

Tags: PodcastPeakslothTriviaBarSoftball

Whos Got Next? β€’ Ep 54 - Killer Queen comes to Baltimore

• Runtime: 00:26:58 • Download

Marty and Jonathan go to the unveiling of Killer Queen in Baltimore. They speak with Todd Blatt, who spearheaded the crowd funding campaign to bring the game to the city. Learn with Marty and Jonathan how the game is played and what the community is like.

Tags: Killer QueenBee8-bitvideo game

Do We Have Time For This? β€’ Ep 8 - Toga Party

• Runtime: 00:12:18 • Download

Marty and Jonathan squeeze in a toga party. Did they stay long and did they have fun? Yes they did. Sorry, they don't have time to wait for your guesses.

Tags: togapartyavambeercrafts

Why Pay Retail? β€’ Ep 79 - Thrift Scavenging with Kathleen

• Runtime: 00:34:45 • Download

Marty and Jonathan search for the real deals with their guest Kathleen. They discover the tips to finding real treasures in others trash. Kathleen discusses her best finds and the one that keeps slipping through her hands.

Tags: ThirftTrashTreasurePeeWee

What's Between the Lines? β€’ Ep 97- "Life In The Midwest" Author Burnadette Toboggan

• Runtime: 00:40:09 • Download

Marty and Jonathan have a sit down interview with author Burnadette Toboggan. They discuss what makes her series of novels, "Life in the Midwest", so interesting to her readers. Learn about her back history and what was the starting point for her writing.

Tags: MidwestAliensAuthorsbooksnovels

Who Will Take The Initiative? β€’ Ep 52 - Charm City Meadworks' D&D

• Runtime: 00:39:16 • Download

Marty and Jonathan venture to Charm City Meadworks for their monthly Sunday D&D for the first time. Joined by friend Kim and newcomer Dan, Marty tries being Game Master. Armed with pencils and their 20 sided dice, they are ready for this new adventure.

Tags: DungeonDragonsMeadDice

Was Once Enough β€’ Ep 2 - Earth Girls are Easy

• Runtime: 00:40:02 • Download

Marty and Jonathan are back! This week, with their friend Kristen, they talk about a movie that never had a sequel, Earth Girls are Easy. Why has this masterpiece never been touched since the 80s? What would a sequel look like? How sexy is Jeff Goldblum?

Tags: Earth Girls are EasyMoviesequeljeff goldblumgeena davis

How Was It? β€’ Ep 86 - Sobriety with Ti

• Runtime: 00:35:23 • Download

Marty and Jonathan sit down with Ti to discuss his 7 month journey of sobriety. What lead Ti to make a change and are there obstacles in the way?

Tags: sobriety

Are You A Wizard? β€’ Ep 95 - Pinball with Pat

• Runtime: 00:39:24 • Download

Marty and Jonathan head to a local resturant that is home to a room of pinball machines. There, they meet up with their guest, Pat. Discussing what makes a pinball machine, how do you become one with the machine, and why are the lights so bright makes this week spring to action.

Tags: pinballwizardwholightsflippers

Who Makes? Who Takes? β€’ Ep 74 - Sweaters for Cats

• Runtime: 00:37:58 • Download

Jonathan and Marty look to warm up this week. Ivana Helper, world renowned philanthropist, brings some of her sweaters for nude cats in with her. What are her next steps and will she branch out?

Tags: catsnudesweatersphilanthropist

Did You Cover Your Tracks? β€’ Ep 57- Currency

• Runtime: 00:34:10 • Download

Marty has vanished but the show must go on. Jonathan and special co host Richard sit down with Linda Sterling to discuss life without traceable currency. No credit cards, no checks, and no banks. We're only dealing in bills and coins.

Tags: billscashcoins

Where's Your Ticket? β€’ Ep 98- Concert Trips

• Runtime: 00:36:15 • Download

Marty's plane was delayed but the show must go on. Jonathan sits down with friend and expert, Danielle Smith, to discuss traveling to see concerts. What are tricks to get VIP tickets, how should you pack, and how far should you travel to see a concert?

Tags: bandtravelNKOTB98pillow

What Choice Do We Have? β€’ Ep 75 - Navigating with Just Cecilia

• Runtime: 00:32:13 • Download

Marty and Jonathan make the choice of coming in from the cold weather outside. They bring with them expert life navigator Just Cecilia to help out with those choices that need step by step directions.

Tags: Jim Bob CooterPooterNavigatingTrolly

Do You Feel Safe? β€’ Ep 62 - M&T Bank Stadium

• Runtime: 00:26:58 • Download

Marty and Jonathan discuss the security practices of M&T Bank Stadium, the home of the Baltimore Ravens. Jonathan talks about the long list of items prohibited from entering the stadium and his attempt to sneak a few of those items into the game.

Tags: BaltimoreRavensbagsponchos

Do You Hear What I Hear? β€’ Ep 90 - The Mayor's Christmas Party

• Runtime: 00:17:29 • Download

Jonathan and Marty host the Baltimore Mayor's Christmas Celebration in Hampden! Live it like you were there as Jonathan spins the beats and get everybody pumped for the Mayor's appearance.

Holiday music for this episode is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 from

  • "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Jon Sayles"
  • "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel - Patrick Kallestad"
  • "Silent Night - Jon Sayles'"
  • "Have a Happy Christmas - Geoff Hurley"

Tags: christmasholidaysmayorcelebrationHampdenDJhype

Who Asked You? β€’ Ep 77 - The Expert of Experts Joseph Jacobs

• Runtime: 00:32:27 • Download

Jonathan and Marty have some long-awaited face time with their talent booker and meta-expert, Joseph Jacobs. They answer your expert-seeking questions in "Who Do I Ask?"

Tags: expertsexpertexpertisestatisticsliesdamn-lies

Hot Or Cold? β€’ Ep 89 - Ice and Sand Sculpting

• Runtime: 00:32:40 • Download

Marty and Jonathan discover that sculpting is not just an art form, its a way of life. Whole beach sand sculpting to works of art carved in ice are just a few of the skills they discuss. Also, another round of "Tis the Season."

Tags: icesandlamesculptingocean citynetflix