How Was It? • Ep 86 - Sobriety with Ti

• Runtime: 00:35:23 • Download

Marty and Jonathan sit down with Ti to discuss his 7 month journey of sobriety. What lead Ti to make a change and are there obstacles in the way?

Tags: sobriety

Are You A Wizard? • Ep 95 - Pinball with Pat

• Runtime: 00:39:24 • Download

Marty and Jonathan head to a local resturant that is home to a room of pinball machines. There, they meet up with their guest, Pat. Discussing what makes a pinball machine, how do you become one with the machine, and why are the lights so bright makes this week spring to action.

Tags: pinballwizardwholightsflippers

Who Makes? Who Takes? • Ep 74 - Sweaters for Cats

• Runtime: 00:37:58 • Download

Jonathan and Marty look to warm up this week. Ivana Helper, world renowned philanthropist, brings some of her sweaters for nude cats in with her. What are her next steps and will she branch out?

Tags: catsnudesweatersphilanthropist

Did You Cover Your Tracks? • Ep 57- Currency

• Runtime: 00:34:10 • Download

Marty has vanished but the show must go on. Jonathan and special co host Richard sit down with Linda Sterling to discuss life without traceable currency. No credit cards, no checks, and no banks. We're only dealing in bills and coins.

Tags: billscashcoins

Where's Your Ticket? • Ep 98- Concert Trips

• Runtime: 00:36:15 • Download

Marty's plane was delayed but the show must go on. Jonathan sits down with friend and expert, Danielle Smith, to discuss traveling to see concerts. What are tricks to get VIP tickets, how should you pack, and how far should you travel to see a concert?

Tags: bandtravelNKOTB98pillow

What Choice Do We Have? • Ep 75 - Navigating with Just Cecilia

• Runtime: 00:32:13 • Download

Marty and Jonathan make the choice of coming in from the cold weather outside. They bring with them expert life navigator Just Cecilia to help out with those choices that need step by step directions.

Tags: Jim Bob CooterPooterNavigatingTrolly

Do You Feel Safe? • Ep 62 - M&T Bank Stadium

• Runtime: 00:26:58 • Download

Marty and Jonathan discuss the security practices of M&T Bank Stadium, the home of the Baltimore Ravens. Jonathan talks about the long list of items prohibited from entering the stadium and his attempt to sneak a few of those items into the game.

Tags: BaltimoreRavensbagsponchos

Do You Hear What I Hear? • Ep 90 - The Mayor's Christmas Party

• Runtime: 00:17:29 • Download

Jonathan and Marty host the Baltimore Mayor's Christmas Celebration in Hampden! Live it like you were there as Jonathan spins the beats and get everybody pumped for the Mayor's appearance.

Holiday music for this episode is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 from

  • "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Jon Sayles"
  • "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel - Patrick Kallestad"
  • "Silent Night - Jon Sayles'"
  • "Have a Happy Christmas - Geoff Hurley"

Tags: christmasholidaysmayorcelebrationHampdenDJhype

Who Asked You? • Ep 77 - The Expert of Experts Joseph Jacobs

• Runtime: 00:32:27 • Download

Jonathan and Marty have some long-awaited face time with their talent booker and meta-expert, Joseph Jacobs. They answer your expert-seeking questions in "Who Do I Ask?"

Tags: expertsexpertexpertisestatisticsliesdamn-lies

Hot Or Cold? • Ep 89 - Ice and Sand Sculpting

• Runtime: 00:32:40 • Download

Marty and Jonathan discover that sculpting is not just an art form, its a way of life. Whole beach sand sculpting to works of art carved in ice are just a few of the skills they discuss. Also, another round of "Tis the Season."

Tags: icesandlamesculptingocean citynetflix

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks? • Ep 99 - Puppy Power w/ Cob Sicily

• Runtime: 00:37:41 • Download

Marty and Jonathan find the best techniques for training dogs. Whether you always get bit or licked, there will be some good information for you. Also, more advice for your job changes on "Nothing Up Our Sleeves."

Tags: dogpuppygarbagebitesdog shouter

Who Sang That? • Ep 60 - 90's ALT Rock w/ Miles Needer

• Runtime: 00:31:37 • Download

Marty and Jonathan take a stroll down musical memory lane to 90's Alt Rock. How did bands transition between hair rock to grunge and its effect on the masses? What were concerts like and the merchandise they sold? Plus, fan write-ins for Duet It or Screw It.

Tags: 90'sAltRockGrungeSNLThe Statebandmusic

Is It Better Down Where Its Wetter? • Ep 5 - Lobster Talk with Jessica Finn

• Runtime: 00:35:01 • Download

Marty and Jonathan find out about the life styles of the lobster. Everything from eating habits to activities they do under water. Jonathan also has an update on Dolphin Crush.

Tags: dolphinlobsterrolleatingwater

Am I Stressing You Out? • Ep 50 - Massage Bloggist Sharon O'Haren

• Runtime: 00:31:29 • Download

Marty took a relaxing trip and Jonathan brought in his friend Kristen to help co-host the show. They got to meet Sharon O'Haren to talk about the new fads in massage. This episode should keep you from stressing out.

Tags: Sharon O'HarenBloggerSelf MassageMassage

Should We Turn Back? • Ep 80- Gil Grubman

• Runtime: 00:39:32 • Download

Jonathan and Marty welcome Gil Grubman on the show to talk about traveling with not so friendly people. Gil talks about traveling to your home country, eastern Europe, and the proper Buffalo Wing.

Tags: unfriendlynew yorkeasterneuropegil

How Well Did You Listen? • Ep 100 - The Archivists 1.0

• Runtime: 00:30:23 • Download

Dear valued listener,

We at Here Be Lobsters strive to bring you the best content in the multiverse. This week, we have for you a pilot of a new game show for We Have To Ask. Play along with Marty and Jonathan and see if you paid closer attention to the series. Help us celebrate 100 episodes!

Cordially, Marty and Jonathan Here Be Lobsters NLC

Tags: 100Game ShowDunk TankSpidersHalloween

Who's Ghosting Who? • Ep 14 - Ghosting Me, Ghosting You

• Runtime: 00:19:10 • Download

Marty reviews his experience doing the WNYC Bored and Brilliant #GetBored challenge while trying to figure out if Jonathan is ghosting him.

Tags: GetBoredunpluggingghostingpersonal

How Can We Fix This? • Ep 48 - Building Bridges

• Runtime: 00:32:07 • Download

Marty and Jonathan have some bridges that need to be mended. For the last couple of episodes cracks have been showing on once solid foundations and this week they look to tend to them.

Tags: bridgemimessnickers7-11

Have We Crossed the Line? • Ep 20- Baltimore Improv Group Kickstarter

• Runtime: 00:42:33 • Download

Marty and Jonathan are in the final stretch of the Baltimore Improv Group’s Kickstarter. They get a chance to speak to many members of the community who helped get their new theater up and running for the grand opening.

Tags: theatercomedyBaltimorehomestretchfundraising

Is This How It Ends? • Ep 107 - The Truth

• Runtime: 00:16:14 • Download

Jonathan is finally getting things off his chest. He opens up about the episode that finally did Marty and him in. What a journey it has been.

Tags: fireworkspeakslothmarty100end

*Insert question here* • Ep ^*# - O̸̫̠͈̤͇͑̃͗͝n̴̨̩̥͓̞̉̍ë̴̢̯͉͓̬̫̣͉̭͍̩̘́̈́̀͂̈́̓̋̅̏̏̈́͛̀͜͜ͅ ̶̧̘̖͇͙̘̜̠̯͉͎͉̹͊̀͐̕M̶̨̛͈̘͇̥͍̻̽̐̒̒̿͛͒͗͒̾̀̔͘͜o̷̰̺͎̬̽̔̎̇͂̅͊̈́͘͘̚͠ṇ̵̲̞̤̝̳̦̘̱͎̔̽̈́́͆̑͛͆̌̿̈́̕͝t̷͙͎̿̏͛̃̋̉̈́̀̍͝ḩ̸̧̱̯̘̜͚̭͈̇̑̏̈̃̅̎̀̏̀̀͝͠ ̸̠͖̼̀̔A̸̱̜͍͕̪̝̬̟̤̳̅̐͛͑ẅ̸̧̧̧̛̛͍̟̿̓̽̀̎̓ͅą̶̛͚͎̖̣͕̮̣̯̦̲̜̮͒͛̀͛̊̋̾̈́͌̈̽̚̕y̶̨̯̹̑͜

• Runtime: 00:19:46 • Download

This is the content section. Jonathan or Marty will update this section before posting. Be sure to post a synopsis of the episode.

Tags: Themachineisbrokenhelpus

What Time Is It? • Ep 1527 - Genghis Khan and Bill

• Runtime: 00:29:55 • Download

Jonathan and Marty have gone back in time to create a two person squad to face each other in the arcade classic Joust. Now in 1527, the group look to fine the world's greatest jouster and possibly a real dragon.

Tags: JoustGenghisTimeBill and TedArcadedragon

Where's the Coffee? • Ep 61 - To Frederick or Bust

• Runtime: 00:43:51 • Download

Marty and Jonathan are on the road this week to Frederick Maryland for the Comedy Pigs Summer Extravaganza with Hostel. Learn what makes a gathering an extravaganza, how much coffee one person can actually consume, and fun facts about Goldfish crackers.

Tags: goldfishfrederickextravaganzaroadtrip

How Do You Say Goodbye? • Ep 45 - Bye Bye Sean Latta

• Runtime: 00:42:51 • Download

Marty and Jonathan wish a fond farewell to friend Sean Latta. What does Sean expect to see in New York and what will he miss most in Baltimore? This contributor to the show finally gets his comeuppances.

Tags: baltimorenew yorkdragon boatsmayorsean

What Are You Looking At? • Ep 36 - Cecilia Lopez-Cruz

• Runtime: 00:36:18 • Download

This week, Marty and Jonathan talk to Cecilia Lopez-Cruz about the world of missing milk carton people. How does big orange juice play a role in the fascinating world of missing people bounty hunting. Also, another exhilarating round of I Spy.

Tags: milkdonald duckmissingi spy