Do You Deliver? β€’ Ep 104- MLML Thanksgiving Invitational

• Runtime: 00:17:13 • Download

We are "Live" at the Minor League Mail League Thanksgiving Invitational. We have a roster of semi professional mail openers looking to win the 2018 Golden Letter Opener and this is just one more stop to the finals.

Tags: mailopeninglettersspam

When's Storytime? β€’ Ep 176- Disc 7: Nursery Rhymes

• Runtime: 00:08:27 • Download

Thank you for choosing "When's Storytime?" 24 disc set of children's short stories and poems. We hope this anthology will help with nap and bed time.

Tags: nurseryrhymes

Haven't We Heard This Already? β€’ Ep 199- Election Time

• Runtime: 00:25:31 • Download

Go vote, make a difference, and let your voice be heard! This message paid for by the Your Right To Vote Podcast Alliance.

Tags: voteelection

What Have We Done β€’ Ep 185- JHC MUPPS Operation

• Runtime: 00:14:33 • Download

These are the tapes from the JHC MUPPS Operation back in the late 60s. Many attempts have been made to make these tape public record. These are some of those recordings.

Tags: Sunny DayStreetMupps

How Round Is Your Table? β€’ Ep 112- Education

• Runtime: 00:37:32 • Download

While Marty is away, Jonathan put together another table of experts. This time, Education is up for debate. Ranging levels of experience in and out of the classroom, this week we put the teachers to the test.

Tags: Common CoreEducationteachingteacherstudent

Can You Cover Me? β€’ Ep 124- Weezer

• Runtime: 00:35:55 • Download

One of the most talked about covers in the history of the world is this week's topic. Marty and Jonathan bring in local expert of Weezer to talk about their cover of Toto's "Africa." They will take some time to do the things they never have.

Tags: africaweezercover songTotoRivers

Is This The Future We Were Promised? β€’ Ep 150 - Uncanny w/ Lilly

• Runtime: 00:35:17 • Download

Marty and Jonathan travel to the uncanny valley this week. Bringing in this week expert Lilly, they discuss the things that makes us feel a little strange.

Tags: UncannyStrangeValley

How High Can You Go? β€’ Ep 161- 420's Half Birthday

• Runtime: 00:33:55 • Download

Marty and Jonathan were scheduled to bring in a thought board expert. Can you really achieve all your thoughts and dreams by willing it onto the board? Well..Marty had to go away this weekend and things changed.

Tags: 420RollingBudPotGrassTree

Must The Show Go On? β€’ Ep 133- Community/School Theater

• Runtime: 00:37:50 • Download

Marty and Jonathan find themselves wanting to start a community theater. This week they bring in Danny, who has the tips and tricks for starting up your own community theater.

Tags: communitytheater

What Is The Biggest Animal You Have Ever Killed? β€’ Ep 143 - Dr. Violet Gray

• Runtime: 00:29:51 • Download

We are LIVE from the 3rd annual Baltimore Podcast Festival. This week, Marty and Jonathan have Dr. Violet Gray, expert in Big Game Hunting. Find out the process of getting your PHD and ways to stay save.

Tags: animalsbiggame

Are You With The Band? β€’ Ep 108- Tavor

• Runtime: 00:30:23 • Download

Marty and Jonathan had very opposite weeks. Together, they have brought on local Dirty Blues performer, Tavor. Learn what Dirty Blues are and how Tavor got into the music business.

Tags: tavordirty bluesfolksingersong writer

What Are We Looking At? β€’ Ep 172 - Real Sci-Fi

• Runtime: 00:33:35 • Download

Marty and Jonathan get into the science of Sci-Fi this week. What is it actually like to fly a space craft in space? Could their actually be life on other planets? Our hosts journey where no podcast hosts have journeyed before.

Tags: spacesci-firocketship

Are U In Team? β€’ Ep 188- Anastasia Beaven-Hauser

• Runtime: 00:29:50 • Download

Marty and Jonathan team up again this week to bring you Anastasia Beaven-Hauser. They discuss this week team building events. Always know, there is a team working behind the scenes for your team building.

Tags: team buildingwork

Can We Pencil You In? β€’ Ep 126- Rebecca Noe

• Runtime: 00:32:33 • Download

It's Baltimore Restaurant Week again. Marty and Jonathan look to discover what it takes to create a week long event. They have scheduled resident event coordinator, Rebecca Noe to learn more.

Tags: RestaurantWeekeventsbaltimore

How Was Your Season? β€’ Ep 164 - Frankie's Garden

• Runtime: 00:34:51 • Download

Marty and Jonathan get to know Frankie's garden. What are his gardening skills and tricks? We discover what is growing in the garden.

Tags: gardeningberries

Where Do I Sign Up? β€’ Ep 116- Adult Babysitters Club

• Runtime: 00:26:29 • Download

Marty and Jonathan check in on the babysitting sector of Baltimore. The Adult Babysitters Club is a growing organization looking to make a mark. How difficult is it to join the elite? Find out this week.

Tags: Babysitters CLubBabysitting

Has It Really Been That Long? β€’ Ep 158- Austin from High school

• Runtime: 00:32:43 • Download

It's been a minute. Marty and Jonathan welcome a high school mate of Jonathan's, Austin. This week a podcast host and a DJ in LA catch up.

Tags: reunionhigh school

Have We Run Out Of Ideas? β€’ Ep 140- 1st "25" Clip Show

• Runtime: 00:26:23 • Download

Sometimes to prepare for a big event, you must throw out everything you know and get lazy. Come on a journey of Jonathan and Marty's first "25" episodes.

Tags: ClipShowChristmasSummer

How Do You Save The Day? β€’ Ep 138 - FlyHawk

• Runtime: 00:30:01 • Download

Dun Dun Dun DUNNNNNNNN! Marty and Jonathan are back for another exciting episode. This week, they meet a student of the game, FlyHawk. Will they discover his weakness? Will they conquer this episode? Will they follow each other on Linkedin and start networking? Tune in to find out!

Tags: superherosflightflyhawk

Will We Catch Them All? β€’ Ep 194- Pokemon Generations

• Runtime: 00:34:56 • Download

Marty and Jonathan attempt to catch them all. Pokemon is a multi-generational game series that continues to go strong. Our hosts have a guest who has extensive knowledge on these Pocket Monsters.

Tags: VideoGamePokemonNintendo

What Are You Drinkin'? β€’ Ep 177- The Light Side

• Runtime: 00:29:48 • Download

Marty and Jonathan venture outside of the local brews this week. They have brought in experts of light beer. Why do people still lean towards this beer at pubs? Marty and Jonathan get to the bottom of it.

Tags: lightbeerlocalbrew

How Have You Not Seen That? β€’ Ep 146- Game of Thrones

• Runtime: 00:28:50 • Download

It's Marty's week to get Jonathan on board. This episode, Marty is riding in on a dragon to convince Jonathan that Game of Thrones is a show for him. He has brought in fan and expert of the show, Haley, to crown this show the best thing Jonathan has never seen.

Tags: GameThronesHBOWalking Dead

Who Fragged Who? β€’ Ep 127- Gears of War

• Runtime: 00:37:29 • Download

Marty and Jonathan squad up this week with special guest, Juan. This week they discuss the Gears of War franchise. They get a chance to speak on its growing popularity, its next installment, and its online game play.

Tags: gears of warvideo gamesxbox

Should We Say Something? β€’ Ep 183- A Guest

• Runtime: 00:37:32 • Download

Marty and Jonathan invite a guest into the studio this week. The topic of discussion is how to meet and greet someone famous. Have our hosts ever met someone famous and how did it go?

Tags: celebsAlec BaldwinConfirmation

What's So Great About Fridays? β€’ Ep 155-Sitcom Relationships

• Runtime: 00:39:33 • Download

Marty and Jonathan discuss the driving force behind any great sitcom, the relationship. They bring in relationship expert, Hannah J, to dissect some of our cherished groups on TV. It isn't sweeps week but you better have your tissues ready.

Tags: sitcomrelationshipsboy meets worldfull house