Why Are We Playing Phone Tag? β€’ Ep 3 - Birthday Gift

• Runtime: 00:26:49 • Download

Jonathan and Marty discuss Jonathan's recent birthday celebration and the gift that Marty purchased for him.

Tags: interceptvoicemailphone tagbirthdaygiftconflict

Is It Til Death? β€’ Ep 28 - Jonathan

• Runtime: 00:31:54 • Download

In a very special birthday episode, we find out if our very own Jonathan is in a friendship that will last until death.

Tags: relationshipquiz showjonathanbfftest

Is it STEAMy Enough for You? β€’ Ep 85 - 40 Under 40 #22 - Harry K

• Runtime: 00:27:39 • Download

Jonathan and Marty take a roadtrip to interview Harry K., number 22 in their "40 Under 40" series of educators that are doing remarkable work in STEAM education, about his work with Minecraft and other games.

Tags: STEAMminecraft40 under 40interviewHarry K

How Was Your Stay? β€’ Ep 53 - Zeke L.

• Runtime: 00:30:54 • Download

Jonathan and Marty meet with Zeke L. to discuss compost, laundry, and his travel schedule.

Tags: Zeke L.vagabondvagrantcompost

Will You Be Our Neighbor? β€’ Ep 11 - Maggie Robinns

• Runtime: 00:23:31 • Download

Jonathan and Marty interview the proprietor of a new ice cream shop coming to Fellton.

Tags: Fellton Neighborhood AssociationFelltonbusinessinterviewMaggie Robinnsice creamdogs

How Do We Raise the Bar? β€’ Ep 110 - DJ Square Beatz

• Runtime: 00:26:36 • Download

After a quick recap of ongoing projects, Jonathan and Marty sit down with DJ []Beatz to discuss her requirements for performing at the Roundhouse Grand Opening.

Tags: interviewDJ []BeatzDJ Square Beatzplanningopening

What Will You Leave Behind? β€’ Ep 122 - Willy Johnstone

• Runtime: 00:37:29 • Download

After mixed successes in their winter camping trips, Jonathan and Marty are back in the studio and celebrating the first day of spring. To help prepare ourselves (and our less experienced listeners) for the season ahead, Bushmaster Willy Johnstone, park ranger of the Loch Raven Reservoir Trails, is here to talk about how to camp safely in the spring season.

Tags: Willy Johnstonebushmasterinterviewspringtrailfood safetybearssquirrelsnaturegoals

How Do You Pop a Shot? β€’ Ep 648 - Karaoke with Chance Pignoli

• Runtime: 00:39:15 • Download

After a quick recap of the week's game nights, Jonathan and Marty change things up by interviewing Baltimore karaoke superstar Chance Pignoli.

Tags: barsportsbar sportskaraokeChance Pignoli

How Does Your Garden Grow? β€’ Ep 16 - Charlotte Webber

• Runtime: 00:34:27 • Download

Spring is in the air and it's time to start planting again! After a cold winter hiatus, Jonathan and Marty are back to get you ready to grow. Them are joined by self-proclaimed "bio-hacker" Charlotte Webber, who shares some of the interesting results of a new hybrid plant growing technique.

Tags: springgardensgardeningCharlotte Webberinterviewsplicingmashupnutribulletabominations

Are You Gonna Finish That? β€’ Ep 1 - Triple Crown

• Runtime: 00:32:41 • Download

In their first episode, Marty and Jonathan sit down with Pete McAllister, the first person to complete the Baltimore Food Challenge Triple Crown.

They discuss Pete's experiences taking on some of the toughest food challenges in Baltimore.

Pete gives some classic advice on how to bring home your own food challenge wins.

Tags: eatingchallengesfood challengespete mcallistertriple crownadvice

What's Your Plot? β€’ Ep 121 - MisCHIEF

• Runtime: 00:27:36 • Download

Marty and Jonathan interview Mill Miller, the inventor of misCHIEF.

Tags: misCHIEFinterviewmadscience

Is Our Children Learning? β€’ #58 - The First Tape

• Runtime: 00:30:02 • Download

After years of research, Jonathan and Marty reveal a tape that, they believe, will finally be the evidence that exonerates them.

Tags: policyeducationresearchproof

What's Your Rush? β€’ Ep 66 - Hirsch Steinbrenner

• Runtime: 00:22:41 • Download

No new episode this week. Instead, here's an extended part 2 of Marty and Jonathan's interview with Hirsch Steinbrenner.

Tags: chocolateHirsch Steinbrennercandyhalloweeninterviewextended

What's the Mask? β€’ Ep. 87 - Welcome to Baltimore

• Runtime: 00:31:02 • Download

Jonathan and Marty start taking in all the knowledge they'll need to make Baltimore great in the minds of the world with the help of special guest Jenny Dixon.

Tags: BaltimorecultureintakePRJenny Dixon

What's That Move? β€’ Ep 13 - Dancelish

• Runtime: 00:24:41 • Download

Jonathan and Marty celebrate a (lunar calendar) year of answering your dance questions with the help of guest expert and native Dancelish speaker Juicey Smith.

Tags: danceq&adancelishJuicey Smith

What Did I Miss? β€’ #103 - Optics

• Runtime: 00:28:21 • Download

Jonathan and Marty sit down with Chauncee Quarrells and learn about the past, present, and future of his groundbreaking reality TV network: Optics.

Tags: reality tvopticslifetimeChauncee Quarrells

What's in a Candidate? β€’ Ep 7 - Kevin O'Mugge

• Runtime: 00:24:25 • Download

Jonathan and Marty return with the 2016 edition of What's in a Candidate, interviewing Kevin O'Mugge, the youngest presidential candidate in U.S. History.

Tags: electioncampaign2016republicanpresidential race

What's in Your Wallet? β€’ Episode #59: Summertime

• Runtime: 00:25:26 • Download

Jonathan and Marty talk summertime trends in gift cards. Jonathan feels vindicated by his Steal of the Week.

Help Joe Squared move to a new home!

Tags: pickpocketingtheftsummergift cardsloyalty cardscapital one

What's in a Drinking Game? β€’ Episode 42 - CSI:Cyber

• Runtime: 00:56:30 • Download

Marty and Jonathan play vegaskid.net's CSI:Cyber drinking game.

Rules: http://vegaskid.net/2015/03/csi-cyber-drinking-game/

Show: CSI:Cyber S01E03 - "Killer En Route"

Tags: drinkingdrinking gametvcsi:cyberreviews

What's in a Game? β€’ #73: 8's Best Retro Fun-Fest Recap

• Runtime: 00:35:29 • Download

Jonathan and Marty play through some of the challenging retro games they faced at the "8's Best Retro Fun-Fest" retro video gaming competition.

Tags: retrosolar jetmanpunch outfestivalcompetition

What's in a Zoo? β€’ Episode 26: Dundalk Zoo

• Runtime: 00:25:18 • Download

Jonathan and Marty interview Melanie Dozer, a long-time Americorps Volunteer helping to establish a new zoo in Dundalk, MD. With guest creatures!

Tags: zoodundalkbaltimorelocal wildlife

What's in a Party? β€’ Episode 154

• Runtime: 00:29:03 • Download

Jonathan and Marty help GuyT73 plan an 18th birthday party for his daughter. Expert guest planner Eliza of Vulvas United.

Tags: partyplanningcollege

What's in a Newsstand? β€’ Episode 220

• Runtime: 00:28:37 • Download

Jonathan and Marty review the latest issues of US Weekly, Women's Health, Baltimore Style, and a new freebie pick, Latin Opinion.

Tags: us weeklywomen's healthbaltimore stylelatin opinionmagazinesnewsstand

What's in a Name? β€’ Episode 93: SuperFight #13 Loot Crate Edition

• Runtime: 00:34:02 • Download

Jonathan and Marty play SuperFight Loot Crate Edition. Marty also berates Jonathan for having never seen the film Casablanca.

Tags: gamesloot crate